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Chris Wyse - bassist/singer  

Dan Dinsmore - drummer  

Jason Mezilis - guitarist  


             What do you get when you bring three exceptionally talented rock musicians? When you The Cult, The Clay People, and Your Horrible Smile what would and could you expect? Owl is just that. The three piece band grooves and sends chills down your spine. Their self-titled debut album has hit stores with the 14 track adventure. It opens with “Brainwaves,” a quick intro to get your attention for the ass-kicking “Charmed” serves up. The intense sound that they have includes heart-stopping drums and bone chilling guitars rage. “Pusher” soldiers on with a great vibe with loads of effects sprinkled throughout the track. “More on Drugs” is an upbeat pop style track until they just stop for a second. It’s a very odd point in the track, but it does its job in getting you to come closer and then explodes right in your face. “Alive” flutters by with a nice beat as “One Mans Disaster” holds your attention with a very peculiar vocal set. The drums and guitar really jam in the background to bring the whole track to life. “Sky Rocket” slows the album down with a soft sensual track. Women will hang on every word of the album and the lights will be burning brightly, as bright as those rockets shooting off into the sky. They follow that up with “Preacher Man.” It opens with a sick guitar ruffling through a think progression and then lightening up when the vocals enter. “Degeneration” is a quick minute blurb that takes us to “Violent Center” which throws a few different vocal styles forth. It also is harder than most of the tracks on the album. “Apples” keeps the groove going that “Violent Center” brought to the table. It begins slow and dramatic, but once it gets going watch out. The thick bass line, gang vocals, and driving drums really set the entire thing off. “No Lights” brings the bass back as thick as they can get. The vocals are really clear as the drums pound out a simple beat that gets the job done. The guitars also make a lasting impression to complete the track. “Ghost in the Starlight” slows down once again with low rough vocals and backing vocals. It’s an eerie sounding track that will give you Goosebumps. “Waves” ends the album with a blaster of guitars to open it up. You can tell that they had a blast in making this track. The vocals are great as they are easy to follow for the most part. They do switch it up a very times tossing in some screams and nice backing vocals. It is a great track lead by the bass, drums, and the effects that they add. Overall this is an okay album. There are a few track like most times that I’m not fond of, but a lot of them bring so many items to the table that you don’t get bored with them. The guys have really done a great job at combining their styles and influences in creating something a lot of fans can enjoy. The album offers up a nice mixture of slow, medium and harder tracks so there is something for everyone. The bass is phenomenal as the drums really set the tone and the guitar hammers out some sweet riffs. They are a band to check out.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Charmed, Violent Center and No Lights


Track List:

  1. Brainwaves
  2. Charmed
  3. Pusher
  4. More on Drugs
  5. Alive
  6. One Mans Disaster
  7. Sky Rocket
  8. Preacher Man
  9. Degeneration
  10. Violent Center
  11. Apples
  12. No Lights
  13. Ghost in the Starlight
  14. Waves

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