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Young Guns

Stage AE

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

May 13, 2015


            Young Guns formed in 2009 and quickly was releasing music. They hit stores with an EP and then a debut album a year later. The next release hit stores in 2012 which included a huge hit “Bones.” They are touring now for their next release “Ones and Zeros.” They stopped in Pittsburgh for a show May 13, 2015. This show had its ups and downs. If you were expecting something hard and heavy this isn’t for you. Being the only opening act is sometimes tough, but it didn’t seem to bother these UK boys. They kicked off the show with a few tracks that you couldn’t hear vocally. I know how different things sound from an inside venue to an outside one, plus how big the area was. This venue however is set up well and this was the first set I have had issues hear the lyrics from time to time. If you weren’t familiar with the band heading into the show those first tracks probably had you turned off and ready for the main act. However, if you were able to navigate through that rough patch to some middle and even the later tracks you were rewarded. They ended the show with biggest hit “Bones.” During the show they played some new stuff from their upcoming release “Ones and Zeros.” They interacted with the crowd really well and tried to get them involved whenever they could. They walked the stage and stayed engaged throughout the set and gave it their all. Sometimes that’s all you can ask for. I have seen a few sets where things didn’t go as planned and, although I don’t think that this was the case equipment wise, I do believe that it didn’t go as they really wanted it to.



Rating: 6 out of 10

Positives: Energy

Negatives: Hard to hear vocals in places


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