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Wake Up Lucid

Gone With The Night


Ryan Baca – Guitars

Ian Baca – Bass

Jamie Baca – Drums


            This next band calls California home. Cousins Ryan, Ian, and Jamie set up home base at Silverlake Lounge on Sunset Boulevard. Their fourth release Gone With The Night features 6 tracks and gets going with “White Collar Love.” It is a simple track that doesn’t sound half bad. It’s pretty smooth with decent vocals and a nice vibe. Those vocals lay out the lyrics so that you can pick them up and run with them. They have a unique sound to them. The tunes are fairly reserved as well, but still give it a nice effort. They have a few shining moments. It has a Warped Tour vibe to it. “Let It Roll” is a very slow moving track. The vocals sound like they have been recorded in a closet while the music rolls along beside them. The track is nearly five minutes and I honestly think that they could have cut out some of it. The ending is very long and it’s more like an extended outro. The track as a whole doesn’t work that well for me. It has some moments, but the bulk is just whatever. It’s something to play in the background. “Don’t Fear” is another slow moving track with a hint of a blues feel to it. I really like the vocals in this one more than the other two tracks before it. They are smoother and play along with the tunes a little bit more. Speaking of the music, it has an odd arrangement to it. There are spots where it pauses and there is just silence. It’s a bit weird sounding in those places. It’s not a bad track, but it certainly a strange ranger. I think it will take a few listens to determine if it’s something you come back to or not. “I Want” turns up the pace and the intensity a little bit. The guitars rip through the intro on their way to some raw vocals. They don’t sound top notch, but they aren’t that bad either. There is a punkish feel to them and some people will appreciate them more than others. The track does sound like it was recorded in a wind tunnel and the transitions are the best, but it holds the most energy thus far. I think it takes some time to get used to. “Get Fucked” is a long track that clocks in a little above the 9 minute mark. It’s a slow moving track that I really don’t think holds much value. The track seems unorganized and there are large gaps in it. The vocals jump here, there, and everywhere, but that’s if they are even doing anything. I feel like this is most an instrumental with a select few lines here and there to change it up some. It’s entirely too long for an album on how it is arranged. It might be fine live, giving a break to someone, but on an album it doesn’t work. “Gone With The Night” wraps up the EP with another long track, but this one only lasts near the 6 minute mark. The vocals are a bit whiney in this one and are really hard to get into. The music also doesn’t do it for me. It doesn’t excite me and it does leave me wanting more. There are spots where you think it might take off, but it really never does. Overall this EP doesn’t excite you. There is one track, maybe two that you can hang our hat on, but the others just don’t get it done. The vocals are strange, which I can handle strange and they can work, but this time they don’t work well. The music is way too laid back. There are times this is good, but they over do it. There needs to be some excitement and sadly this EP doesn’t have much of that in the way of lyrics or tunes. I just can see what they were going for with this release. They might sound different live, they might be the greatest band ever live, but it didn’t translate in the form of at least this release.






Rating:  out of 10

Tracks to Watch:


Track List:

  1. White Collar Love
  2. Let It Roll
  3. Don’t Fear
  4. I Want
  5. Get Fucked
  6. Gone With The Night


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