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Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies


Michael Poulsen – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Anders Kjolholm – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Jon Larsen – Drums, Percussion

Rob Caggiano – Lead Guitar


            Europe here we come! Volbeat has burst onto the scene in the past couple of years. Hailing from Copenhagen they are inspired by an array of sounds. In 2000 Frontman Michael Poulsen was fed up with the death metal scene and his band broke up. In the following year he formed a new band and Volbeat was born. In 2005 the band released their first album The Strength/The Sound/The Songs. After positive reviews and a high charting experience the band came back with Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil in 2007. The album debuted #1 on the Danish top 40 while the band was playing festivals and opening up for Metallica as well as Megadeath. 2008 seen their third album while 2009 they supported Metallica on the North American leg of the World Magnetic Tour.  The band’s forth album Beyond Hell/Above Heaven was released in September 2010. After touring much of the next several years the band came storming back with their fifth release in 2013. Outlaw gentlemen & Shady Ladies was released early that year and features 14 tracks that spread nearly an hour. They get the album going with “Let’s Shake Some Dust” which is a little intro. The minute and a half tune includes a lot of different sounds that I can only imagine that we will hear the rest of the record. “Pearl Hart” really gets the album going with a great vocal performance and tunes that draw you in. The tune rolls along with ease and keeps you interested in it. The smooth vocals coupled with grooving music makes for a perfect sounding tune. “The Nameless One” opens up just a bit as the guitars are a bit more hard rock in this tune. The track is still relatively calm, but they spice it up some. The vocals are still as smooth as the last tune, but musically it’s opened up more. The little solo section could use just a bit more juice, but overall it’s a track that I would let run when it presented itself. “Dead But Rising” opens up the music even more. There are harder drums and more guitar riffs throughout the track. The vocals even change slightly, although they are still smooth and clean. You can jam out to this one a bit more and the end really hits hard. “Cape Of Our Hero” opens up with some cool guitars that grab your attention. I really like the control that they have during the track. The guitars spike up a time or two and sound really good. They give off a great sounding vibe with ease and precision. The drums just hammer along in the back driving the track down the road. It’s another one that I can see just chilling out in the background. “Room 24 (Feat King Diamond)” kicks up the metal influence, but also adds some female vocals for added flavor. The hard tune cranks out the drums and flying guitars. The track rages on with power and demands attention. Vocally the track has voices flying all over the place. Its kind of hard to keep everything straight, but if you manage to do it it’s a nice tune to get lost in. “The Hangman’s Body Count” begins slowly and draws you in with ease. The vocals are silky smooth while the tunes get stuck in your head and won’t leave you alone. You will be coming back to this track time and time again. It just connects well with each other as well as the listener. This is a top notch track that you can’t ignore. “My Body” is a catchy tune with huge vocals and smooth music. The track rolls along with ease giving up great guitars and pounding drums while they mix in the soothing vocals. It just continues this easy going album. “Lola Montez” is a killer tune with a huge presents. This is a top notch tune and I’m sure you have heard it raging all over the radio. The music is once again so laid back, but sounds so strong. The vocal set though is the star of the tune. They burrow into your brain and stay there for a very long time. The track cruises along and will pop up from time to time. It’s a great sounding tune. “Black Bart” turns up the tempo some and really gets the album moving. The drums race along while the guitars try to keep up. The vocals are left in the dust as they pick up the pieces. It’s not as smooth as the other tracks, but it changes things up just enough to warrant a listen from time to time. The guitar solo is also another aspect that will have you coming back. “Lonesome Rider (Feat Sara Blackwood)” is an odd sounding tune with some extra vocals courtesy of Sara Blackwood. The lyrics are strange, but they work with the style of vocals that they offer up. The music goes hand and hand with the lyrics and the vocals. I don’t see it catching on with the masses, but the true fans might fall in love. “The Sinner Is You” is an okay track that just seems to be a little bit of filler. It sounds good, but also sounds like the others. I didn’t see much value. “Doc Holliday” begins and you will be stopped in your tracks. It caught me completely off guard. The old school banjo adds some new flavor to the album and is greatly received by this guy. They then transition back into the heavy stuff and really hit you hard. The guitars rage along while the drums hammer home some great strikes. They keep bringing in the banjo back in from time to time as well. The tune is very unique for the most part and a listen every once in a while is warranted. “Our Loved Ones” closes out the album with some more surprise instruments. The harmonica makes an appearance this time. The track is a slow moving number that sounds decent, however I don’t see if taking off. Overall the album is solid with lots of great tracks that you can pluck from the ranks and insert into you own personal mix. The vocals are so smooth they can’t be ignored as some of the best. The music is so perfectly worked that they sound like they could be played in their sleep. Blended together they make a near perfect match. You can tell that time was spent on every aspect of the record and the product is superb because of it.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Room 24, The Hangman’s Body Count, Lola Montez


Track List:

  1. Let’s Shake Some Dust
  2. Pearl Hart
  3. The Nameless One
  4. Dead But Rising
  5. Cape Of Our Hero
  6. Room 24 (Feat King Diamond)
  7. The Hangman’s Body Count
  8. My Body
  9. Lola Montez
  10. Black Bart
  11. Lonesome Rider (Feat Sara Blackwood)
  12. The Sinner Is You
  13. Doc Holliday
  14. Our Loved Ones


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