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House of Blues

Cleveland, Ohio

May 12, 2015


            Tremonti was founded and is fronted by lead vocalist and guitarist Mark Tremonti. The band began as a solo project but evolved after the first release in 2012. They continued after the first album to record not one, but two more albums (one of which is now in stores) and are touring for it. They broke out onto the scene with a huge ovation from the crowd. With ripping guitars and heavy drums the instruments commanding the stage, the show was electric. They played many tracks from the new album which is in stores soon. They also played several tracks from the debut album that hit in 2012. One of the most memorable tracks that were play was “Wish You Well.” The track just gives off killing vibes live. The guitars got to rip through several solo sections in and out of tracks. The drums also got some time to shine with their hard hitting nature. For the most part the vocals were also spot on. There were tracks that you can barely hear what was being said which is always unfortunate when chilling at a show, but with that said the bulk of the set kick some major ass. With the new album in stores and a part two of the release sometime soon after I feel like these guys won’t slow down for a while. I’d go catch them again in a heartbeat with what I have yet and the excitement of hearing the new stuff. It was a classic show with the energy, lighting (which was rather bright from time to time), the band, the tunes, and of course the crowd yelling lyrics right along with the guys on stage.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Positives: Energy

Negatives: Hard to hear vocals in places


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