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Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Quicken Loans Arena (The Q)

Cleveland, Oh

December 19th, 2009


              Everyone has those lists of bands or things that they want to do or see, before their time has expired completely or just on being able to go to things. For example; I want to go to Australia, see Metallica while on the floor (touching the stage), visit as many places as possible, be on a game show, see Alice Cooper, and as of last night that list is one item shorter. I headed up to see the world renowned band called the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I have seen the commercials on TV, heard the songs on the radio just as you have and yarned to see them at least once. I’m here to tell you that I want to see them at least one more time. The show is simple spectacular. They implement 2 parts to the show. The first segment is a step by step show with a narrator in between tracks. One of the vocalists steps up to clear their pipes and lays everything on the line in nearly every song, but they also sing together during select tracks. They also shed their guitars and slide in some jazz bass blended with the sounds of a killer violin and other strings. They set lights, lasers, and a lot of pyrotechnics. They then take the time to introduce all parties involved including both co-founders of the TSO (one on keyboard and the other pops out from the back). They then switch over to heavy jazz guitar, killer drums, and some insane violin play for the second half of the show. The lady vocalists became dancers as the amount of pyro increases ten fold. Guitar solos fly in and out has the laser show demands attention. The keyboards began and finish many of the tracks and while one is stationary the other rotates on a swivel for all to see. The second to last song they played a mini stage that was take high up into the air featured 2 members of the band playing behind the floor seat and in front of the far end of the arena. They ended a show for us special Clevelanders. Jamming out to “Cleveland Rocks,” since Cleveland does rock to wrap up one of the best shows/events I have ever seen. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is one of the best shows that you could ever dream of seeing and if you have the chance to see them play drop everything and GO! They are phenomenal, tremendous, and jaw-dropping, not to mention simply spectacular. The TSO are a MUST see.


Rating: 10/10

Best Part: Can’t pick just one item….they have this down to a science

Worst: Just one little lull…not to bad



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