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Tom Keifer

The Way Life Goes


             Next up is the singer/songwriter/guitarist of the Philadelphia-based Blues-Rock band Cinderella. Tom Kiefer is making his debut as a solo artist with the release of his long-awaited and highly-anticipated solo album, THE WAY LIFE GOES. The album features 14 songs that range from intimate, organic, acoustic tracks to driving hard rock. It embraces the Blues, Rock and Country roots that have always been present in his unique sound that has generated the sale of over 15 million records worldwide for Cinderella. The album has been labeled as raw, well let’s just see how raw it really is. The album kicks off with “Solid Ground” which gets going with a killer intro that will really captivate you. The country/blues infused tunes grab you and strap you in for the ride you are about to experience. The vocals stroll in with a great vibe. They are clear and easy to follow along with which is exactly what you will be doing. This track kicks the album off just right. “A Different Light” is an easy going track with simple music and outstanding vocals. The track will hit hard with you and leave you speechless. The chorus is perfectly written and superbly sung. The track is truly mind blowing. “It’s Not Enough” brings back the upbeat tempo with huge guitars and demanding vocals. The catchy tune offers up some decent lyrics although they do repeat a little bit. The mini solo section is good as the guitars get a chance to play around and they get that chance at the end of the tune as well. “Cold Day In Hell” begins slowly, but builds up to a solid tune. The vocals are great with the backing vocals chiming in a lot in this offering. The music is simple with a couple of spikes and what sounds like a harmonica as well. This track however; is all about the vocals. It’s a fun little number that can just play in the background. “Thick and Thin” offers up some rough raspy vocals and soaring guitars. The track is okay, but this is the first one that didn’t hold my attention very well. I found myself drifting off during the song. “Ask Me Yesterday” is a powerful track that is infused with a country feel to it. The vocals are laid back and are pushed along by the sweeping guitars. You will be closing your eyes and enjoying this number. “Fools Paradise” is a great number that is super catchy. The vocals are clean and music floats along with highs and lows. This is on that grooves along with ease and you can get lost in. It does repeat some, but the smoothness of the track is amazing. This is one that you can continue to listen to for a long time. “The Flower Song” is a slower track that is once again infused with the bluesy country side of things. It will speak to some of the fans, but others might just be turned off. “Mood Elevator” turns the tempo back up with a blast from the get go. The rock comes out in this one and the crowd will eat it up. The lyrics are a bit strange, but I have a feeling that this one that wont matter. The music grabs a hold and will not let go. There are guitars flying around all over the place as well as vocals while the drums lay down a heavy beat. “Welcome To My Mind” slows the album back down with drawn out vocals that rip off some lyrics with an eerie feeling. There are also some backing vocals that make their presents known a bit more than usual. The music is killer with awesome drums and a couple effects on the guitars. It’s a fun number. “You Showed Me” slows the album down even more with a presents of the piano and simple vocals. This track will have the lighters and cell phones out in full force. It’s a descent tune that puts the emotion of the lyrics on the band’s sleeve. Some fans will jump on board of this track while others will let it play in the backdrop of whatever they are doing. “Ain’t That A Bitch” gives up a cool number with killer guitars that gets the blood pumping while the drums lay down the beat. The vocals are solid as well and you can tell that they are having fun with this one. It’s a fun number that is sure to get some serious play. “The Way Life Goes”  tosses out some funky vocals that are blended with a sick beat. The tune is fun and you will fall in love with it. The titled cut is top notch with the vibe and beat that it offers. They also place in some gang vocals and some extra instruments that spice the track up so much you will hit replay several times. “Babylon” wraps up the album with a nice number. It offers up more solid vocals and a fun beat that will have you dancing around and singing along. It has a fresh sound and works well. Overall the album is great. The way that they change the tracks up throughout the album is genius and gives you a fresh start every time you go to the next tune. They infuse the album with different vibes and styles in not only the music, but the vocals as well. It’s a fresh sound that will get stuck in your head with every track. The backing vocals sound great while the extra instruments that they include add great value to the tracks. The description of being “raw” might not be exactly right in m mind. I can see and hear some of that rawness, but overall I would say it’s unique. I really enjoyed this release and it should be in everyone’s collection. I don’t believe that anyone will be disappointed in have it there.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

A Different Light, Fools Paradise, Welcome To My Mind


Track List:

  1. Solid Ground
  2. A Different Light
  3. It’s Not Enough
  4. Cold Day In Hell
  5. Thick and Thin
  6. Ask Me Yesterday
  7. Fools Paradise
  8. The Flower Song
  9. Mood Elevator
  10. Welcome To My Mind
  11. You Showed Me
  12. Ain’t that A Bitch
  13. The Way Life Goes
  14. Babylon


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