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Throw Logic – Counterfeit

The new single from the upcoming band is taking the southwest by storm. Throw Logic comes from the heels of Two Dollar Grey and with some new vocals and prospective the band is picking up some speed. “Counterfeit” is circulating on their website now as a track and a video. The tune opens up with a killer intro with loads going on. The drums strike with conviction while the guitars play around like baby tiger ready to pounce. The vocals enter with a strong presents and clean stature. They really take over the track. They are easy to understand and you can dive right into them. The track does take a small turn to the dark side with some screams, but they use them well as they break up the clean vocals and adds depth to the tune. This is one strong track and to be the lead single of the bands career says a lot about these guys. I’m already looking forward to hear more from them. You need to check out this tune ASAP or you will be left behind.

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