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Three Days Grace

Stage AE, Pittsburgh PA

July 9, 2015


Three Days Grace has been doing their thing for a while now, since 1997. They released their debut album in 2003 and have been releasing an album on a steady 3 year clip. The band recently separated from their long time frontman and founding member, but decided to keep plugging along. They picked up a new frontman (which also fronts My Darkest Days) in Matt Walst. I’m not going to lie, with a change in vocals it’s hard to keep the feel of the band alive and I didn’t know what to expect. Hearing record version online soon after the breakup scared me, but then the new album Human arrived and my thoughts were eased slightly. The next step was the live shit and we were able to check them out over in PA at one of the up and coming venues. The show started off with some new tracks off of the Human album. They also tossed in the first live test, an older track. While take photos upfront, they laid it on the crowd and it went well. The sound, the vibe, and the response all went extremely well. There is when I first thought this might not be too bad, but I was slightly wrong. In fact, it went better than not too bad, it was great. While it’s unfair to compare voices, because let’s face it Adam had a unique set of vocals that worked so well with many of the 3DG tunes. I had seen that line up time and time again while reviewing them and others on the bill that night so I know what they DID sound and look like. The addition of Matt adds a new energy and look to the band. The most impressive thing (and I have also seen Matt live with MDD) was the energy he gave up. The crowd and the other guys also fed off this energy. This was an incredible show in all cases. The light, the stage set up, the sound, the vibe, and the energy is something that you have to take in. The new tracks sounded great and the guys played nearly the entire record. The old stuff sounded awesome as well with the new edge that Matt’s voice provided to them. There was truly one track that I really didn’t want them to attempt and they did end up playing it. It might have been the least favorite track of the night, but of course I was dreading the tune so that might be the reason for that. I have to say that this line-up, with this energy, might be one of the best live bands out there right now. The remaining guys seemed to have a renewed love of playing live. Everything seemed to go as planned and it sounded like perfection. They absolutely blew me away and I hope to see them again really soon.

Rating: 9.5/10

Best Part: Energy

Worse Part: That one track… ugh

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