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Three Days Grace



Brad Walst – bass guitar

Neil Sanderson – drums, percussion, backing vocals, keyboards, programming

Barry Stock – lead guitar

Matt Walst – lead vocals, rhythm guitar


          Three Days Grace originally began as a band called Groundswell back in 1992. They released one full-length album before two of the members left the band. Two years later Gontier, Sanderson, and Walst regrouped and changed the band’s name to the now name Three Days Grace. The band signed with Jive Records and recorded their self-titled debut album in 2003. The album hit mainstream success, although being criticized by critics. The band came back strong after Gontier checked into and finished his treatment in rehab. After his treatment was successful the band headed to a cottage to finish writing their second release, one that began while Adam was in rehab. The album hit stores in 2006 and offered up several huge numbers including the first single “Animal I Have Become,” “Never Too Late,” and “Pain.” The album hit #5 on the Billboard 200. Three years later the band was back once more with their third record Life Starts Now. The album spawns a few singles and debuted at #3 on the charts. After a label shift the band headed back into the mixed with their forth album Transit of Venus. The album was released in October 2012 and provided a different sound of the band. It took some time to get use to, but there were things you can pick up and run with. A few months later the band announced that frontman Adam Gontier resigned from the band and was eventually replaced with Brad Walst’s brother Matt (of My Darkest Days). The guys have arrived for a fifth time (first with Matt leading the vocals) with the new album titled Human. The album hit in early 2015 and the band’s heading out to support the record which features 12 tracks and gets going with “Human Race.” The track begins rather slowly, but it turns out to be a stellar track. It rolls along with ease. The vocals sound great while the tunes in the back provide a nice platform. The guitars have some nice spots while the drums create that nice even beat. It’s a rather catchy tune. There are spots where it doesn’t flow as well as the others, but it’s a nice little number to begin this new 3DG chapter. “Painkiller” is a kickass track that I think I could listen to over and over. The guitars are stellar while the drums drive the track along. The track does repeat a little bit, but the way the vocals offer up the lyrics is spot on. The track really pushes the limits in some aspects. The vocals dynamic and stick with you. I really like this tune and I think it has the chops to stay around for a while. “Fallen Angel” is a slow moving tune that will grab you and hold you down. I absolutely love the chorus in this track as it sweeps along. The lyrics are fabulous and you can just get lost in them. The vocals work so well in this track and everything works as a unit. This is truly a special track and one that I would love to hear live. “Landmine” takes a little time to get going then on top of that it takes a very time before you really get into. The chorus once again is top notch and easy to get in to. The verses and the transitions are what take some time to appreciate. There is a little pause that they out into the fold that gets you to the edge of your seat for the end of the track. You don’t hear that trick very often, but it was done to perfection on this offering. “Tell Me Way” is more of a serious track. The lyrics are a bit darker and are centered on experience in my opinion. This track will hit many fans hard and impact them in a direct fashion. They offer up a few slower spots that really lower the volume of the entire track, but more importantly brings the vocals to the front with minimal distractions. They then pump the volume back into the track to round out the verses. It flows nice and works well. “I Am Machine” is a killer track from the get go. I love the vocals and the tunes in this track. You can really get into this track and scream the lyrics right along with the band. Also, once you really dive into the lyrics they are a bit scary, as they are really accurate in today’s society. This is a solid track all the way around. “So What” is a pretty catchy tune. The track offers up clear vocals and a nice little vibe that is easy to get into. The chorus is solid for this short number. The track seems to fly by with the tempo and the pace. It gets the job of kicking off the second half of the record done and done right. It does repeat a little bit, but the addition of the unique sounds offset that. “Car Crash” is a weird track that takes some time to get used to. It has its moments where it sounds sweet, but there are also moments that you kind of stand there with a puzzling look on your face. The vocals are pretty solid and the tunes work well together, but there is just something about it that makes it sound odd. There was a period of time were I wasn’t picking up the lyrics well and had to look them up and the track does repeat a bit as well. “Nothing’s Fair In Love and War” is a decent little number, but I feel it will get lost in the shuffle. The vocals are solid and the tunes are also good, but I just didn’t feel that connection with it. Thinking outside the box, it just is missing the element that makes it stand out. “One Too Many” changes up the vocal styles within the track. This grabs your attention and draws you in close while you try to pick up the lyrics. It begins to roll along and you can even feel the energy on the album. I feel like this one could explode on the live train. I can see the party getting started with this one. It stands out very nicely. “The End Is Not The Answer” is a low key track that is kind of forgettable. The vocals are clean and the tunes are decent, but the track doesn’t stand out among the others. “The Real You” wraps up the album on a very slow note. They include some keys in this tune while the vocals remain soft spoken nearly the entire time. The slow moving tune repeats a lot, but still has you sticking around, at least for the first few times through. The music seems pretty simple as they focus on the lyrics for this song. There are long sections that are instrumental, but they really don’t add anything. It’s a cool tune, but I think it will get odd rather quickly. Overall this album is a decent one; however it takes some time to get use to with the new vocals and to be considered Three Days Grace. I like the lyrics for the most part. You can really tell that they worked on them for awhile. The music seems like its classic 3DG and compliments the new vocals well. There are several tracks that have and will continue to do work while there is a tune or two that just doesn’t seem to measure up. They do seem to repeat a little much for me, but like I said there are several tracks that you can take and run with.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Painkiller, Fallen Angel, One Too Many


Track List:

  1. Human Race
  2. Painkiller
  3. Fallen Angel
  4. Landmine
  5. Tell Me Why
  6. I Am Machine
  7. So What
  8. Car Crash
  9. Nothing’s Fair In Love and War
  10. One Too Many
  11. The End Is Not The Answer
  12. The Real You


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