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These Raven Skies

These Raven Skies


Vocals - Perkins
Guitar - Alex Whitcombe
Bass - Trevor Landmark
Drums - Shand Munro


            These Raven Skies went into the studio to record their next album, but there was a problem. They entered under a different name and a different sound. Once in there, knee deep in sounds and words, it was evident that they were heading in a different direction. The shift caught the attention of The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin, which took on the production duties of the record but became involved in the writing process. While writing and recording the album they also created their own label, signed a distribution deal, and signed like-minded artists to its roster. The self-titled release offers up 9 tracks and gets going with “Magick Water.” The track opens up with a strange intro that offers up low voices before the drums come in. It’s almost like a voice over thing. Once the track really gets going the vocals stay low, but get the job done. They have an evil sound to them while the music does a lot of the work. The tunes are solid and really work well together. The drums roll along while the guitars rip through cords. “No Need To Worry” begins with a short intro that would be perfect for the band to come out of a break during a show. The vocals are really clear and are easy to follow. However, it’s the beat that will have you coming back. The beat is extremely catchy and will have you shaking your head. I really enjoyed this track and it should get a lot of work. “The Garden” slows the album done some. The tempo slows and the volume is turned down. They throw some cool sounds in the fold while the vocals take control of the offering. I like the overall feel of the track and believe it’s placed in the right spot after the first two tracks. “Are We Having Fun?” is filled with attitude from both the vocals and music. It rolls along with an awesome vibe, one that is easy to get into. The beat alone will get the crowd into it. There are multiple vocals rolling in and out of the track. This is a nice tune that will get some iPod time. “Come Sit next To Me” begins like they forgot to cut out the beginning where they were just messing around and talking. The track starts and it follow suit. It’s a goofy tune with some fun music and vocals that are all over the place. It’s a weird track that a few fans might get into. “Emily and Alick” opens up like a new country feel to it. I think it’s the guitars that put me in that mindset. The vocals then come in and offer up a different style then before. It’s a cool little number that shows the range of the band. “Open Road” keeps the album slow with another vocals lead track. The slow and steady voice rolls along with ease while the tunes lift them up. Those tunes offer a simple beat that is easy to get into, but I feel that this one will get lost in the shuffle. “Truth Be Told” begins with a nice little intro before the vocals stroll in with some attitude. The vibe this track gives off is tremendous. It rolls along with ease and you can pick up and run with it. It’s an awesome tune that has everything to offer and can be played over and over again. It’s a top notch track with its hammering and vocals. “The Hooker” offers up another kick ass intro which is almost punk-esk. It’s got a nice beat and easy to pick up lyrics. The pace of the track is faster than most of the vocals do rip off some lines during the tune. it’s a nice way to wrap up the album. Overall this is a solid release. It has different styles of tracks and vocals all while keeping you interested in it. There are a couple tracks that might get skipped after a listen or two, but overall there are non that are instant skips. The vocals were good and the backing vocals add some flair. The intros give the tunes some playful time which is always a good thing. There are a couple star tracks on the record that are sure to get some playing time.



Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Are We Having Fun?, Truth Be Told, and The Hooker


Track List:

  1. Magick Water
  2. No Need To Worry
  3. The Garden
  4. Are We Having Fun?
  5. Come Sit next To Me
  6. Emily and Alick
  7. Open Road
  8. Truth Be Told
  9. The Hooker


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