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Theory of a Deadman - July 14th 2008

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House of Blues

Cleveland, Oh

July 14th, 2008

After releasing their third album Theory of the Deadman hit the road to support the new album. They swung past Cleveland this past week on July 14th and played at the House of Blues. Scars and Souvenirs hit stores earlier this year and they also had a song make it on the newest WWE album as well. The band has hit its stride with the album and I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon, especially on the road. The show started off great with a packed house supporting every movement that was made on stage. There weren’t 1 or 2 singers, but thousands as almost every fan was singing along with the band. TOAD lead the way but gave many chances for the viewers to do the singing solo. They played many tracks from the new album including recent single “Bad Girlfriend” and lead single “So Happy” while mixing in old favorites like “Santa Monica,” “No Surprise” and “The Last Song.” The had a couple of intros to songs that were hard to pick up, but a few and especially “Bad Girlfriend” I picked up right away, which I think is better than you are getting pumped waiting for it to start. This wasn’t the first time I have seen the band play, but it was since the latest album and they keep getting better and better. The stage presents and energy increases every time I have seen them. You can tell that they have been working on those to maximize the experience of seeing them and leave with everyone wanting more. They have defiantly have fun while they are on stage and that is the key to putting on a great show; having fun, getting the crowd into it, crowd interaction, and energy. It was a great show to see and I hope that come back very soon.


Rating: 8/10

Best Part: Crowd Presents/Energy

Worst: A couple tracks need to be switched with new ones



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