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Q: How did it feel to be approached by LSU to write a song for their new national image campaign? 


A: Great, we all have either graduated from LSU, or currently attend, so it was very flattering to have the University that you love come to you and ask you to help them.  We never imagined that we could actually do something to help a University with 30,000+ students. 


Q: What was it like working with Grammy Award winning producer Greg Ladanyi?


A: It was eye-opening.  None of us are incredible musicians and to be put in a situtation where you're sitting in a studio in Capitol Records in Los Angeles and you have a very tight deadline to lay these tracks down with a Grammy Winning Producer sitting behind the glass, is very stressful.  We all have improved as musicians 200% since working with Greg.  We work well with him and we are glad that he has put so much effort and faith into this band.


Q: In your own words, what does the album mean? What is the story behind it?


A: The album essentially revolves around this one girl and the emotions and feelings she has depicted on all of us.  We have all experienced that one love that rips every emotion out of you and basically makes you feel all these things you have never felt before.  The album is about love, heartache, and everything that revolves around the both.  We named the album after the song "Small Town Computer Crash" because we believe that this particular song wraps up everything we wanted to say about the girl.


Q: How different is it traveling to other big cities and playing there instead of playing in Baton Rouge?


A: It is extremely different because in Baton Rouge the people there have seen us several times and know our music, and when we are out of town we are playing in front of people that have never heard us before and we are getting incredible feedback and support.  It is a great confidence boost to play in front of complete strangers that have no idea who The Terms are, and have those people give you compliments, buy our CD, etc.


Q: Have your lifestyles changed since becoming a top indie band? If so, how have they?


A: Not at all...we don't watch a lot of TV anymore.  We don't consider ourselves a top indie band, but traveling has definitely made life different.  Being on the road opens you up to many experiences that we feel are incredible.


Q: I noticed the album art of the woman with electrical outlets on her back and plugs plugged into some of them. What is the significance of the art related to the album itself? Does it go along with the album’s story?


A: We were sitting around in LA and we had a deadline on the art for the cover and we decided since the whole album is about this one girl, we thought we should just put her on the cover.  Her back is turned to show how mysterious she is and how mysterious the album can be at times, for example, "Vampyre's Ball", "Ransom Groove", "Small Town Computer Crash", and "Langlonglen".  We thought the plugs would be clever because the album is called Small Town Computer Crash and this girl has done so many bad things to us that in a way she's not human...a machine, or a computer perhaps. 


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