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The Fuzz Drivers

The Fuzz Drivers


Sergio “Mad Mag” – Guitars

Duarte Carvalho – Drums

Marcello Vieira – Vocals

Joao Lopes - Bass


            Sometimes things don’t add up. What is expected is completely wrong. That’s where; “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes into play. The Portuguese band The Fuzz Drivers is just that. Described as having a southern rock feel you wouldn’t expect to hear. Their debut album consists of 9 tracks and gets going with “Discordia Song.” The track has loads of character right off the bat. There is a nice easy feeling that you get when listening. The bass drops a thick line while the vocals grab your attention. The guitars roll along while the drums do their thing. The track sounds really good and you can’t deny it. It is a track that can do some damage with the vibe it gives off. The ending could have wrapped up a little sooner, but it really doesn’t hurt the track too much. “Shine” is harder to get into. The vocals are set back a bit more and are harder to hear. The guitars take center stage while the drums hammer home some nice strikes. The vocals are just too far back for the track to really take off in an album version. “Eats Me Up” offers up some cool sounding vocals and even better guitars. However, they really don't go together. The opening section seems like it goes on forever and when they finally do move onto the next section the track sounds better. The chorus is really the only place that I felt a real connection with the tune. “Carved Time” is not a bad sounding offering. The tune rolls along with ease and a nice presents to it. I really like the multiple vocals in this one as they add some depth to the song. The vibe is spot on and it is just so easy to listen to. The guitar solo is solid, but it is really the vocals that make this track move. “Mama Told You” opens up with a killer beat which they keep around for the entire track. This one has style and an awesome presence to it. It rolls along with precise strikes and picks. The vibe of the track is great and will quickly catch fire. It will spark a frenzy. “Into The Sun” begins with another cool beat that grabs your attention. The drums and bass get things going with guitars making a surprise appearance. The vocals then enter and that guitar leaves the power behind. The addition of the extra stuff adds depth to the tune. The track isn't powerful, but I think it has that sound that will keep it in the spotlight for awhile. “The Poet and the Thief” rips through the intro with one of the fastest offerings on the record. The track is a party waiting to happen. It hits hard and fast with controlled vocals. There is a little instrumental section that sounds phenomenal which actually lasts through the next vocal section. They then transition into a huge solo part which is great. This is by far the best tune on the album thus far. I can hear this one doing huge things. “Until It Bleeds” offers up yet another great intro. The track overall is stellar too. The vocals are clean and easy to follow while the music marches along. Although it sounds solid the track does seem to go on too long. “White Lies” wraps up the album with a thick bass getting the track started. The vocals are a little set back in this one, but they still sound strong. The guitar solo is nuts and really spices up the track that was getting a little stannic in the middle of the track. It finishes out strong and might be a second tier tune. There is a hidden tune on the track right after the “White Lies” song. Overall this album is solid. There are a couple items that I think they need to address, but nothing too major. Most of them I feel are in the recoding process. The vocals need to be recorded more up front in the some of the tracks. There are a couple star tunes on this album. They are robust and powerful. The music rips through like a tornado in the spring time. The album as a whole has a nice flow to it. There are a couple up tempo tracks plus a couple slower ones. Most of the transitions throughout the tracks are clean while the intros and solos are mind blowing. This is something that they can build upon and really do some damage. I would like to hear more from The Fuzz Drivers.  


Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Discordia Song, Mama Told You, The Poet and the Thief


Track List:

1.      Discordia Song

2.      Shine

3.      Eats Me Up

4.      Carved Time

5.      Mama Told You

6.      Into The Sun

7.      The Poet and the Thief

8.      Until It Bleeds

9.      White Lies


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