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The Architects

House of Blues

Cleveland, Oh

April 17, 2011


              No we didn’t go to an art show or take a tour of the newest big building, but we did catch the band opening up for My Chemical Romance this spring. These guys hail from Kansas City and will left quite an impression on you. It has to be really hard to be the one and only band supporting a big name band, but I seen MCR do the same thing in a bigger venue. I really haven’t heard too much from The Architects except a quick run through their latest album “The Hard Way,” so I really didn’t know what to expect. To describe it in just a few words…they blew me away. They seemed to have this live gig thing down pretty good. They play to the crowd, not for them and fed off the energy that the crowd was giving. They wasted little time getting from song to song, but gave plenty of opportunities for the crowd to interact. They had a few dozen people that knew words to the tracks which I believed helped get the others into the show. They had a lot of energy as they jumped all over the place on stage and offered up numerous instrument solos. Now the songs themselves were very strong. They sounded like they were well written with multiple vocals in many of the tracks. There were some lyrics that I couldn’t make out, but that was due to the loudness of the music in the background. They throw a couple slower numbers into the mix of punk and harder rock stuff. They also tossed in a nice cover tune and I believe I even seen a small duck walk. The guys put on a great show though and the tracks don’t change much. They were loud, aggressive, and hammered nearly the entire time. They definitely put on a solid rock show and I don’t think MCR could have picked a better one. I have always been a believer that if you can put on a great show you will turn people onto you and these guys turn themselves onto a sold-out crowd. I’m sure they will be doing more big time very soon if they continue to play that solid of a show. They did a hell of a job getting the crowd ready for My Chemical Romance as they fired up the mosh-pits and got those fists high into the air early. I’m looking forward to more stuff from these guys.


Rating: 8/10

Positives: Tracks from the set, get you in the mood to rock

Negatives: Lyrics a bit fuzzy during some tracks



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