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Static Fiction



Paul Lapinky – Vocals, Guitar

Justin Herder – Lead Guitar

Ryan Brown – Bass Guitar

Adam Gardner – Drums


                         Forming in late 2011 Static Fiction took their first steps to music greatness. The first order of business... get on the same page. That page was to try and accomplish everything they ever wanted to in the music industry. Once frontman Paul Lapinky stated that, bassist Ryan Brown piped up and said “I want Ryan Greene recording”.  Eight months later they came out of the studio with their first EP Introducing. The EP features 5 tracks and gets going with a band named tune “Static Fiction”.  The track begins with an upbeat mini intro that has hint of old school punk. The vocals then enter with a smooth approach. They also infuse the track with some backing vocals that help the main vocals along a bit. It’s just a fun little number that would go over really well at a Warped Tour. “Ashes” keeps the album going with the same sound. The gang vocals sound good while the single vocals command some attention. Those single vocals are a bit rough in some places, but overall its descent. It’s something that punk fans can pick up and run with. “Stop And Look” is another solid tune infused with more punk styles including an effect (like they were sung into a megaphone). It sounded pretty cool. They begin the track with some cool guitars then add in some fast paced drums to top it off. I really like this tune. There are a couple of elements that you can hear that the first couple didn’t have. It just rolls a bit better than the others. “Guano Love” is a slower tune, but has some nice lyrics that fans will hang on. I can see this one getting a crowd going because of those lyrics. They are super catchy and just roll of the tongue. The music behind the vocals and lyrics glide along with ease and provide a nice foundation for the tune. “Good Times” wraps up the album with a mid-ranged tune. It’s not super slow, but it’s not a speedster either. It’s a descent song that pretty catchy, but there are some flat spots. I felt that the album just holds it back and that a live version would make it stand out a bit more. Overall the album is okay. I like the direction that the album was going, but I would like to hear more. The gang vocals are a nice added touch and are something that will have the band standing out among the others. The lyrics are well written and can easily be picked up and ran with. The tunes are solid with special intro and solos. A couple of the tracks could do some work almost instantly while others will help the band solidify what they are trying to accomplish. I would pay attention to this band, because sooner or later big things will happen with their camp.


Rating: 7 out of 10


Track List:

  1. Static Fiction
  2. Ashes
  3. Stop And Look
  4. Guano Love
  5. Good Times


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