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Star & Dagger

Tomorrowland Blues


Vocals: Von Hesseling

 Bass: Sean Yseult

 Guitar: Dava She Wolf

Drums: Dustin Crops


This next band comes from a night of drinking with the legendary Lenny Kaye and has been described as a perfect blend of Black Sabbath and Valley of the Dolls. Made up of Sean Yseult (White Zombie), Dava She Wolf (Cycle Sluts From Hell), and the sublime vocalist Von Hesseling the band has already sold out shows and have been out on tour. They have nearly sold out a 12” vinyl and are ready to embark on a new adventure, a full length album. The 10 track album spreads 32 minutes and gets going with “In My Blood.” The track begins with a nice little intro before the vocals come in and begin their assault. They aren’t terrible, but they seem to be recorded just a bit off. She does hit some super high notes which sound really good. They add in some backing vocals that I’m not sure were necessary, but the backing vocals sound okay. The music seems a bit lacking. The guitars don’t get into it very much and I think it’s a product of the recording process. They are just set way back in and the drums really don’t excite you. “End of Days” is a faster tune that gets the guitars going some. The drums really stay way in the back once again. The end of the chorus repeats a lot, but the rest of the lyrics seem cool. They break into this odd section that I wasn’t that crazy about and it kind of lasted the rest of the track. I wasn’t too impressed by the track as a whole, but the beginning of the track wasn’t bad. “Tomorrowland Blues” offers up a very strange intro which finally gets straightened out to complete a strong track. I liked the tempo of the track, the vocals, and I liked the music as well. It’s not the superstar track, but its something that will catch on with some people. “Freak Train” is a nice little number with vocals flying around and a great vibe. It may be the most complete tune on the album thus far. I can see many people getting into this tune and really running with it. I really like the guitars in this tune and the drums get involved more this time too. It’s an entire tune. “Selling My Things” is a slow moving tune with whiney vocals (both lead and backing) while the music is not interesting at all. The track just puts you in a depressing mood and it really doesn’t sound very good except for a couple of high notes that are hit vocally. “Sidewinding” opens up with a cool mix of bass and drums before the vocals roll in with a much better sound than the last one. The backing vocals come in next with this super high pitch and it will make your ears hurt. “Before It’s a Crime” is another slow track that just doesn’t excite you. The vocals are descent and the music is okay, but the bluesy feel that it brings just isn’t enough to keep you coming back. “Your Money” isn’t a bad track. The vocals are somewhat normal and the music has a great groove to it. This might be the best tune on the album. I can see many people getting into this track and playing over and over again. Like I said, the vocals are normal, but even more than that, they are great! The music is awesome too. The guitars get into the mix with some great riffs and the drums get going as well. “Used To Me” slows the album down once again, but this one isn’t as bad as the others. The music is a bit more intriguing than the others. I would think that it is a second tier track. The album wraps up with “Your Mama Was a Grifter” which is a fun little number. This is the type of track I would like to have heard more of. The lyrics are mostly fun and they are sung in the solid way. The music is also fun and flirty. It was a nice way to end the album. Overall the album was okay. I didn’t know what to expect going in and there were a few surprises on the album. The vocals are descent throughout the album besides a couple of tunes, but the backing vocals really don’t cut it for me. The music seems to be held back some. There are a few tracks where they get to have some fun, but most of the time they seem like they are in trouble and only allowed to do so much. I think this is more of a novelty album that some people will enjoy, but most will only pick up a track or two.


Rating: 6 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Freak Train, Your Money


Track List:

  1. In My Blood
  2. End of Days
  3. Tomorrowland Blues
  4. Freak Train
  5. Selling My Things
  6. Sidewinding
  7. Before It’s a Crime
  8. Your Money
  9. Used To Me
  10. Your Mama Was a Grifter


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