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Sean Danielsen


Q:  How much did it help the writing process knowing that Bieler Bros. Records was behind you 100%?


A:  When we were putting the songs together for this record we hadn't signed with Bieler Bros yet. We were just making a record and hoping we'd find a home when it was done.  We did end up signing with them before the record was finished but the writing had been done for a while. I do have to say though, its great to be with a label that’s behind you 100% and we've been very happy with them.


Q:  How different were the process in making “Vultures” compared to any other album you have made?


A:  The "vultures" process was unique because we made the record ourselves with the help of good friend and producer James Murray. The studio was more of an uptight situation in the making of our first two records, so this time we made sure to record at a studio where we could make the process fun.


Q:  Why was the Vulture chosen to represent this latest album?


A:  We called the album "vultures" because we were in a place where we weren’t happy with the industry, and there are several songs on the album with that theme.


Q:  How has the band’s personality and chemistry change with the changing of 2 members?


A:  We got a new drummer(Jake Kilmer), and added a guitarist(Mike Booth), and it’s really expanded our sound. Jake is an amazing drummer and everything’s more solid because of him, and Mikes added depth.

We all get along great and have a lot of fun.


Q:  Was the first single “The Hit” written out of anger towards your last label and critics or just to vent?


A:  Originally, "the hit" was written over frustration with the industry and a few people in particular that really pissed me off, but then I started thinking of other people or situations that make me mad too, and in the end it became one big (pissed off) fuck you song.


Q:  How disappointing was it to lose all of your creative work for the album that never came out?


A: It really sucked to know that all that work and emotional hardship was never going to see the light of day, but now when fans come up to me and talk about how much they love that record, it makes me feel great because you cant just go out and buy it. You have to work to get it, and I think it’s awesome that some people care that much.


Q:  I got to hear want should have been the single of that album “Holes.” First I have to tell you that it was amazing song and I loved it and I wish I had it right now, but what were the emotions that you went through after you found out that it wasn’t going to get released?


A: My strongest emotion at first was anger. Then after it sank in and reality hit me, I was sad and discouraged. Now looking back on it i'm really glad to be where I am, and whatever it look to get me here, i’m grateful for.


Q:  What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on the road?


A: One night in 2005 me and Louis from 10 years went out drinking after our show in Washington D.C., after we were good and drunk, we called a cab to take us back to our buses. On the way back out of nowhere someone started shooting our cab up, with a machine gun. I and Louis hit the ground and so did the cab driver so we crashed into a parked car. The cab was totally shot up and the window shot out, but no one was hurt.


Q:  What are your future plans for touring? Should the fans expect to see you on the     road a lot in the coming year or sparingly over a few years?


A: We are going to hit the road shortly and stay out pretty much all year.


Q:  If you could share the stage with any other artist/band ever, who would it be and why?


A:  John Lennon, because he’s fuckin John Lennon.  

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