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Smile Empty Soul-April 9th 2007

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Smile Empty Soul

Peabody’s Downunder

Cleveland, Oh

April 9th, 2007


            Incredible! This was one of the best shows I’ve seen to date. This was the first time that I got to see these guys play and I’m hear to say that that wait was well worth it. After coming off what could have easily been a career ending experiences Smile Empty Soul stuck back with a hard hitting release from Bieler Bros. Records. I got the pleasure of reviewing that album and you can check out the review here. Now out on a spring leg to promote the album further the guys are playing intimate clubs. After meeting the guys they are unbelievable, not only has musicians but as people as well. The show, like I have said, is one of the best I’ve seen. Everything sounded so great, except a few times you couldn’t hear Sean sing, but that was just up close. I had my extra reviewer go to the back and she said that you could hear all the words. The show was nice and loud, just like I like it. Even on stage the guys are personable and just want to have fun. Go see these guys and take the time to talk chat with them. You won’t be disappointed! Why??? I have 5 words for you……….Smile Empty Soul rocked Peabody’s!!!!! Oh and for all the fans that are pissed Anxiety didn’t get released….you can pick it up at the show!


Rating: 9/10

Best Part: The music

Worst: A few times, couldn't hear the words




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