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Silence of a Silhouette - May 16th 2008

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Silence of a Silhouette

Peabody’s Downunder

Cleveland, Oh

May 16, 2008


              When going to see a band for the first time especially one that you haven’t heard of before what do you look for? What about a new band that just jumped onto the scene or even that band that is you heard tears up the local seen, what do you look for?  Well I was in that predicament last night. Silence of a Silhouette a relatively new band (3 years old) just released their EP Escaping Reality; you can see our review here, was part of the Cleveland 100 weekend, which is an amazing 2 day event that features many great local bands. They played from about 9:30 or so to about 10-10:15. The crowd was defiantly there for them as the floor was almost empty until their banner went up. As they were getting ready their local fans were chanting for them. Their confidence on stage was incredible and the awareness of the fans and each other was just as great. With being a 5 piece band their stage needs to be a bit bigger, but you make due with you have at the time. SOS started strong and continued almost through the entire set. The mixture of the vocals from Danny and Jeff are in perfect rhythm and sound great. The band exerts every ounce of energy as did a few overzealous fans in their mini mosh pit. They did a few nice job up to the last song they played. It got a bit hard to hear the vocals during the track, but other than that it was a great set. Like I said they are all in rhythm with one another. The other members that do not sing during most tracks were able to month the words to the songs and get involved other than standing and just playing. They are a must see are around the Cleveland area and if they come around anywhere else. You might get to see them on the Cleveland date of the Vans Warp Tour ’08.


Rating: 8.5/10

Best Part: bouncing of the walls, energy, and chemistry

Worst: sound quality (due to sound booth)




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