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Q: Has the experience of making a new record been any different this

time around with the new label?


A: I have to say no, simply because we had the record completely finished

before we signed. It was really great working with John Goodmanson, and

Jonah spent some time with Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves for pre-production,

but all that fun stuff was independent of the new label.



Q: Can we expect a big tour after/around this album?


A: We're currently on tour with The Birthday Massacre and will be heading out

with Sum 41 for a few weeks  starting in late september.


Q: What influenced you to transform yourselves into this type of band?


A: I dont think there's been any conscious effort really. We like what we

like- horror movies, vintage science fiction, oddities- and we just

thought writing through the aesthetic of those things would lend to

interesting music.



Q: How does Bumbershoot compare to say….Woodstock or Lollapalooza?


A: Kinda in the same vain, only it really incorporates every single genre of

music you can imagine, plus comedy and film. It takes place at Seattle

Center, which is huge, and its three days long, so they cover a lot of

ground. Like, Fergie headlines but Davendra Banhart, David Cross,  and

some soul group from Detroit are scattered all over the place.



Q: Is it safe to say that Halloween is your favorite annual holiday?

What’s your second?


A: Yeah, safe assumption. Its a fun day when we get to use fake blood in the

set. 2nd place goes to. . .boxing day?


Q: Dating back to your earliest memories, when did you truly start

loving and trying to reenact your favorite artist’s songs?


A: For me it was definitely middle school. I was really obsessed with "Live

Through This" I dyed my hair blonde, started taking guitar lessons, the

whole nine yards. First year of highschool I met Jonah and he introduced

me to pop punk. We practiced a lot of misfits covers.



Q: Your bio says, “They’re here to scream in your face and deliver a

much needed kick in the crotch of the music scene.” Does that

accurately describe this album to you?


A: yes. Music has entered a very treacherous state of boring homogeny. Bands

look the same, sound the same, no one's doing anything new. We're not

banking on this record changing the world, but kicking and screaming seems

like the appropriate thing to do right now.



Q: After listen to the album, I believe you have an insane amount of

musical talent. How hard is it to hone in on that while making and

writing new material?


A: One of the key elements of our band is that everyone other than Jonah is a

highly trained and talented musician. BUT, Jonah happens to be the main

songwriter of the group. He maintains its easier to come up with cool

musical ideas when you have no legitimate musical education, and then its

up to the rest of us to craft those ideas into something audible, and

hopefully pretty awesome.



Q: Have you ever seen Alice Cooper live?


A: no, but my mom saw him last year and said he was fantastic. he brought the




Q: Could we in the future see you on a tour with Alice Cooper or a set

like his?


A: I think it would be an honor to be on tour with Alice Cooper. He and Jonah

could trade golf tips. Ultimately we just want to tour as much as



Q: If you can share the stage with any artist ever, who would it be and



A: Queen or Guns N' Roses. we love them. that's why.


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