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Saving Abel

Clay’s Park Resort

Canal Fulton, Oh

July 9, 2011


              We caught this band live a couple of years ago when their first album hit stores. Their story is a true rock and roll rag-to-riches story. The members of Saving Abel were working day jobs and playing gigs at night just to save money to record demos and pay bills. So far all that work has paid off. A year removed from their sophomore album the guys rolled into Clay’s Park for Rock the Resort, a 2 day jam fest. They shared the stage with some huge acts along with a look band that you need to check out (Cursed Icon). The guys were second to hit the stage rushing out of the gates. There was a little issue with some of the equipment (one of the guys stuff). Once that was fixed the set went great. Hitting on all cylinders the guys ripped through track after track. They played big time hits and some smaller less-known tunes. They also tossed in a few covers for good measure. The sound was great. For being outside and not having the luxury of walls for the sound to bounce off of everything sounded in place. You still were able to feel the drums a little bit in the chest while the guitars tingled you ear buds. The vocals were strong and clear like the first time I seen them, although I do have to say that the backing vocals were not as effective like the first time. There were a few moments that they weren’t strong and actually over powered the lead in a negative way. They played to and with the crowd, getting them involved as much as possible. They also did a little acoustic setting for a number of tunes right in the middle of the set. Anyone who was there really got a great show from the guys in Saving Abel. You really received the fun experience and even Adam from Three Days Grace partook in some of the set. If you get a chance to see the guys from Mississippi I’d take it, you won’t be disappointed. They put on one hell of a set.


Rating: 8.5/10



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