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Agora Ballroom

Cleveland, Oh

August 14th, 2008


              What comes after a major label signing; a major label release, then what? Well for this Mississippi band came a huge first single with that major self-titled debut. Saving Abel hit the road with a star stetted line up. They rolled into the Hall of Fame city, Cleveland, Ohio. This huge line-up included the Mississippi band with Puddle of Mudd, Rev Theory and Tyler Reed (which was their last night on tour). The show started off with a bang as Tyler Reed hit the stage, and was interrupted by members of Rev Theory and Puddle. There was also an appearance from Scott of Saving Abel during one of the tracks. After Rev Theory’s set it was Saving Abel’s turn to rock the place. The show started with a bang with an explosion of raging guitars and pounding drums. They played loads from the album including their mash hit “Addicted,” “New Tattoo,” “Drowning (Face Down)” and the track that will stick to everyone with its deep meaning “18 Days”. They were loud and intense with high flying guitars and super pounding drums. There were some tech problems, but moving from place to place that can be expected from time to time. At one point when they were playing their hit track “Addicted” the guys from Tyler Reed came out in Addicted shirts and strutted around the stage. It was awesome as the 2 bands, one playing and one messing around shared the stage with passion and fun. It was a true rock show as everyone supported each other and played around. Lead man Jared Weeks showed off vocals with greatness, passion, and intensity. Both guitarists played their hearts out on their given pieces including some nice battles as well as playing well as a team. Eric set the pace with his bass as Blake set the tempo with his drums (except on track as Tyler Reed’s drummer stepped in). This is a phenomenal show despite the couple of tech problems, but to the naked ear they were hard to spot. There will always be slipups in a live show, but the trick is not to let them bother you while you are on stage and keep going. They are a true rock band that will be here for a while and you need to go check them out, they are worth the time and money to see.


Rating: 8/10

Best Part: Loudness, Energy

Worst: Tech problems



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