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Saliva - Cleveland, Oh Oct. 29th 2007

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House of Blues

Cleveland, Oh

October 29th, 2007


              What do you want when you go see a concert? A great set of songs, great stage presents, or a band that just wants to have fun and gives it their all? I vote for all of the above and if you do too, Saliva is a must see band for you. With their influences from a wide variety of music they provide a signature sound that has taken flight and an endless tank of gas. A great, down to earth, group of guys just want to have fun. They also give everything that they have to offer.

            The show started off with a bang and ended with the same bang. The stage presents that the guys have, is one of the best I’ve seen. They really know how to get the crowd involved and that is a hidden key to a great show. You can have the great set list, but if you can’t get the crowd into what you are feeling the show is missing something. They have so much energy on stage it is unbelievable. They are truly a group of energizer rock stars. Every time Saliva comes to town you can bet that I’m there, they just but on such a great show. Some of the set list included: Click Click Boom, Your Disease, Always, Ladies and Gentlemen, Broken Sunday, and many many more.


Rating: 10/10

Best Part: Every, but the following…

Worst: Not long enough/didn’t open up with “Ladies and Gentlemen”




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