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Roses Unread

Roses Unread


Allison Teague Purifoy - Vocals
John Crickle - Guitar
Blake Becton - Guitar
Brant Sollis - Bass
Caveman – Drums


Roses Unread has a unique path from the time when they began their journey until now. The band comprises of five different people from different walks of life. Coming together to write some good rock ‘n roll and battle their own demons at the same time. The band has a couple of albums under their belts as well as three music videos, countless show, global airplay and a worldwide following. Their latest album, which is self-titled, features 12 tracks that spread 38 minutes. They get the album going with “Intro” which is exactly that. What sounds like a guy running from gun fire which then turns into a church bell ringing, a creepy laugh, and a woman screaming. It flows into “My Way” which is a smooth track that offers up loads of music that you can just close your eyes to and enjoy. The vocals of Allison are also smooth with a calming nature. The track is a solid way to truly open up the record. “Dislocate” steps up next with a monstrous intro. They get things going with the kit before the backing vocals come in screaming at you. They then add in the guitars before the main course of vocals come strolling in. They blend the two vocals sets together well while the music continues to hit hard. It’s a decent track, but I’m not sure that is has the strength to stand on its own. “Just Like Me” kicks off with some nice sounding guitars before the drums come in to top off the intro. This one grabs your attention right off the bat and when the vocals come strolling in with power and poise, you wont be able to leave. The tune sounds so good with the guitars flying around blended with the drums and all of the vocals. This track is in the top tier. “Supertaint” is a kickass sound tune with huge tunes and an awesome set of lyrics. The guitars hit the big time as they strike cords and riffs like nothing else matters while the drums lay down a nice basecoat. The vocals then offer up some well written lyrics for you to fest upon. The track just roll along with power and it leaves you wanting more. “Interlude” is just a short minute tune that bridges the gap between the last tune and “Burn Out.” “Burn Out” slows the pace down with haunting vocals and simple sounding tunes. The track does sound good, but I do think it is missing something that makes it great. The feel the energy just isn’t there. “Déjà Vu” gets that energy level back up some as they add in some extra backing vocals as well as change the vocal style up. The backing vocals get back into the mix as they scream their presents while those lead vocals add some flavor to the mix. With those items being the main draw the music is still stellar. They get a bit nasty and really grind out a strong effort. “Set You Free” slows the album down once again. They lyrics are passionate and the vocals offer them up in just the perfect way. You will be hanging on every word. The music helps round the entire thing off. They sweep along with ease and lift up the vocals and lyrics in all the right moments. They also place an amazing guitar solo into the song that gives the track a great balance. It’s a tune that will have you coming back. “Blind Lead the Blind” is a lot like “Burn Out” in the fact that I think the tune is missing some energy. The vocals seem a bit lackadaisical. There is a spot where they track to spice the track up, but I feel that its just too far in. This section does sound good; however it’s just too far into the track. “Dark Passenger” turns the energy level back up and the track tunes out pretty good. I still don’t think it’s a top tier tune, but it’s in the middle of the group. There are some elements of the track that I do like and they will stand out, but others sections get lost. The backing vocals that scream seem a bit too forced. “Without A Name” closes the album out with a long tune that begins with a nice sound intro. The guitars get the party started while the drums come in late to take it up a notch. Of the 6 minutes the tune trucks the intro last just under a minute before the vocals some into the mix. They are a bit more forceful in this tune which helps them tremendously. They are the stage commanding style that they could be, but not bad. They continue to leave plenty of room for mini instrumental sections which help transition the track and push it into the direction that it needs to go. I do believe it is missing just a tiny bit of impact to take it to the next level. There is plenty there though to not skip over it and start the album back over. Overall the album is not bad. There are some track that I’d like to see more out of and the two throw away tunes (“Intro” and “Interlude”) limits the album to a handful of impactful tunes. I really like Allison’s voice, but I think there are places that it needs to be more forceful and more in the spotlight. They really need to take over some tunes more. The music is great with a couple of lackadaisical places that don’t hurt too badly. They go hand and hand with the vocals most of the time. The lyrics are well written throughout the tune. They really hold some meanings that can impact so many fans.


Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Just Like Me, Supertaint, Set You Free


Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. My Way
  3. Dislocate
  4. Just Like Me
  5. Supertaint
  6. Interlude
  7. Burn Out
  8. Déjà Vu
  9. Set You Free
  10. Blind Lead the Blind
  11. Dark Passenger
  12. Without A Name

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