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Red Sun Rising

Newport Music Hall

Columbus, OH

December 4, 2014


         Oh the local music scene! It’s always nice to hear about a local band going national and maybe even global. This time it’s a band from the Rubber City, Akron, Ohio. I headed down to C-town to Newport Music Hall to see the guys from just north of me. Hitting the stage third and right before the main attraction is always a tough task, but Red Sun Rising delivered great set. Demanding control of the room, they rattled off track after track with precision. The set began even with the stage setup. Coming out to test their equipment the guys had fun with the crowd. Right then I knew I was going to see something special. RSR was on the stage for a good bit, longer than I thought they would be actually. They offered up a nice mixture of tracks while using the energy of the crowd to pump them up when needed. Each guy had a moment or two to shine with solos in and around tracks. Both guitars hit awesome solos while the bass played around a good bit. The drums laid the beat down while the vocals were easy to hear for the most part. There were a few times you couldn’t hear what was going on, but it didn’t affect the set very much. The fresh sound they offer is something I’d like to hear more of. Each track seemed to be perfectly picked and placed so that the set would flow. They laid out several tracks from their album “Making of Kings.” If you get a chance to catch these guys they play one hell of a show and you have a nice chance at this coming year’s (2015) Rock on the Range in Columbus. I, for one, can’t wait to hear more from these guys and I really could have heard a song or two more Friday night.


Rating: 8/10

Best Part: Interaction with the crowd

Improvements?: None, that is in control of the band




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