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Papa Roach - November 2009

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Papa Roach

The Wedge (now Club Gossip)

Youngstown, Oh

November 7th, 2009


              If you want intense, they have it. If you want crazy, they have it. If you want loud, they have it. Anything that you want in a rock concert this band has. They are truly a band that has been through a lot and have managed to keep a lot. Some things could be a nuclear bomb to music career and the only thing that can survive a nuclear bomb is a roach. Papa Roach has gone through so much over the decade of creating tunes for the masses to hear and devour. I got to see them years ago for the first time and while the venue is no longer, it was a perfect place for them to play. The indoor place let the vocals bounce off the walls impacting your eardrums multiple times. The music was loud and furious vibrating those same walls. After seeing them a few more times of the years at outdoor venues seeing them back indoors took me back into time. They played many of the huge hits that have been played on the radio for years some including the show ending track “Last Resort,” “She Loves Me Not,” “Broken Home,” “Getting Away With Murder,” “Scars,” and a few new tracks from the latest effort. The vocals were phenomenal as Jacoby was all over the place. He has some distinct set of vocals that invites the fans to join right in. The facial expressions too will crack you up. The way the Wedge it set up allows Jacoby the perfect place to come down off the stage and interact with fans during the track and he did many times. One particular time he made his way clear to the back. His does a great job of letting everyone know that he and the rest of the band are glad they came. Not too many bands do this, but they should. It invites the fans to come to the show not only for the great tunes. The rest of the band gets into the gig as well. They play up to the crowd many times. The best besides Jacoby is guitars Jerry Horton. He gets up on the block a couple of times along with Jacoby. Their jumping around and stage antics really get the crowd into what is going on and they started to get crazy. The guys really know how to play up to the crowd as they mess around on stage. No concert with the P-Roach guys is the same. You will always get an original show with true crazy antics that haven’t been rehearsed or over used. This is why you need to see these guys more than once. You can also tell that they are having a blast which makes it even better of a show; if they want to be there they will give it their all. Papa Roach is a must see not once, but multiple times. Check them out ASAP…


Rating: 9/10

Best Part: The Tracks and heading into the crowd

Worst: No pyro L



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