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One Less Reason

A Blueprint for Writhing


Cris Brown – Vocals

Jerry Bailey – Guitar

Brad Butler – Guitar

Terry Brown – Bass

Jeff Moore - Drums


            Lappdog formed in 1998 in Jackson, TN, but eventually changed their name to One Less Reason. In 2003 they signed their first record deal, but after one single they parted ways and returned to indie status. They continued releasing material on their own record label. They have released 5 albums in total and shared the stage with the likes of Shinedown and Seether. They recently released their newest album A Blueprint for Writhing. The 6 track EP gets going with “All Beauty Fades”. The track opens up slow with clear vocals and some piano play. It really draws you in for the main course that explodes onto the scene. The track does slow down again and the transitions between the tempo changes are clean. The song has poise that will have your full attention. They add in some backing vocals to spice the track up even more. It was a great way to begin the album and I think many people will fall in love with it. “Million Miles” turns the intensity up for the bulk of the track, however the verses still remain slow. The vocals really star in this tune. They grab you by the horns and won’t let go. They do give way for a nice solo section, but quickly grab the spot light back. The duel vocals are great sounding and they work well together. They bounce off one another in the perfect way. It’s a great track that I would have on my iPod. “The Wrong One” is a super slow track that grabs and hold onto you attention extremely well. The track opens up musically right before the 3 minute mark and pretty well sustains that tempo through the end. The vocals also step it up during that time as they flood the track with an emotion filled release of lyrics. Right before the end the track slows down for a little outro. “Never Let You Go” (Featuring Anthony Basurto) is a solid tune with vocals flying all over the place. They sound pretty good and the transitions between them are most fluid. The tune moves along pretty well with strong guitars and steady drums, but it’s really the vocals that move the tune along. Album wise the track seems a bit restricted. I feel that live the track could offer more. “Uneasy” (Featuring Blair Simpson) brings back the piano for a slow track. You can feel the passion in the vocals as they give up emotional lyrics. The track will have you captivated while you sit or stand and listen. A second set of vocals come strolling in with a strong presents. The track sounds so sweet. “Blueprints” has a little bit of an edge it to. It hits hard in many places while the vocals race through some lyrics. The music is solid and the vocals are good was well, but there are parts where I think there is too much going on. The track seems clogged up. They end the main track with a voiceover voice message. They then end the track with a funny verse of a theme track that I’m sure most of the younger people won’t know, but I did. Overall this EP is stellar. There were a couple hiccups, but nothing that should detour you from picking the album up. The first four tunes are awesome and couldn’t get much better. Track five was descent and the extra set of vocals really helped it out. I would have liked to hear the music a bit more impactful the way the vocals were. The last tune I feel was the weakest. I just felt there was too much going on in it at points and it was distracting. I would recommend picking this up though. This is a strong album with some nice numbers on it. Its something you can stick into your CD player on a small trip and really enjoy.


Rating: 9 out of 10

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Track List:

  1. All Beauty Fades
  2. Million Miles
  3. The Wrong One
  4. Never Let You Go (Featuring Anthony Basurto)
  5. Uneasy (Featuring Blair Simpson)
  6. Blueprints

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