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Nationwide Arena

Columbus, OH

February 27, 2015


        Nickelback recently released an album and are now touring in support of said album. They have a ton of dates around the world this year and have been on tour now for a couple of weeks. We headed out on week two of the tour to check them out and see what crazy and wild stuff they had in store for a crowd as well as what kind of tunes they picked this time around. Having seen them a few times already I expected a certain things and having talked to Mike before the tour kicked off I knew some things as well. The show kicked off like any show, the lights going out and a pause before the band showed up on stage. They instantly started with a few old tracks to get the crowd warmed up. They then added a few new tracks to the mix. In between tracks the band does a hell of a job in making a crowd feel like they are part of the show and not just watching the show. This includes getting them to sing along, sing nearly all of a cover track, throwing stuff into the crowd, and drinking with them. I haven’t seen too many bands that play for the length of time that they did this time. I’ve only seen to a few that way. If you are a huge Nickelback fan this tour is worth your money. As I said, they play a numerous number of old school hits, new tunes, and tossed in a couple covers like “Everlong” by Foo Fighters. The stage set up was just simple this time around, but still an awesome backdrop. It was a huge display that offered up a screen to play videos and pictures on. They also had to screens that shot a live video of not only the band, but the crowd at times. The music was loud, but clear and it was just a great time all the way around. They never disappoint in my opinion and this time was no exception.



Rating: 8 /10

Best Part: Interaction

Worst: Stage Setup



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