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New Hollow

Canton Palace Theater

Canton, OH

June 26, 2014


         I have to say right off the bat this was the first time that I have heard these guys and they are right in my back door. This should make you go out and see what is developing right next door. Now to the set, the guys started things off slowly. Playing some cool sounding tunes that some of the crowd actually knew. They continued on chit chatting with the audience in between each track, which some of the time it was a bit awkward. With that said though, the band does an excellent job at interacting with the crowd. This to me is an important factor to a successful live group. There were several groups of fans in the crowd standing up the entire time, yelling the lyrics right along with the band. The technical aspect of the gig was great. The sound was solid and clean. Everyone that was able to sing/talk was clear. The tunes hit on all cylinders. The guitar play was great with solos and battles while the bass just hung around in the back dropping lines. The drums also got into the mix with some nice beats and hard hits. They played several tracks that I could listen to on a regular basis and they get you excited about their upcoming release. I feel like from what I heard just from this quick 45 minute set these guys have the chops and motivation to continue on with what could be a stellar career. They were close to stealing the show in my opinion which wouldn’t be the first time that I said that.  


Rating: 8 /10

Best Part: Interaction / Sound

Worst: Set Time / Lighting



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