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New Day Dawn

Rise Above This


Dawn Botti – Vocals, Guitar

Gary Szczecina – Drums, Vocals

Patrick J. Angeloni – Guitar, Vocals


            Dawn Botti played with her band for years while working a 9-5 job as well. The double life she led last for awhile before her boss confronted her with an ultimatum; stay here at our media company or continue with you band. This was something that she thought about on a regular basis, but once given the choice it was clear to her. New Day Dawn is Dawn’s second band. Her first, Slushpuppy, received regular air play until their breakup in 2003. Dawn then started New Day Dawn, but it was put on hold when she became pregnant with her son. The band kicked back up in 2006 and released their first full length album in 2008. They are back again with their second release Rise Above This. The album features 5 tracks and gets going with “You Are My Everything.” The song offers up clean southern rock style vocals with solid tunes behind them. It’s easy to get lost in the track with the simple sounding guitars as well as the drums. The track is silky smooth and will have you lost in it. I love the vocals and the backing vocals accentuate them. Some of the notes that they hit are huge. You will just fall in love with this one. “Lay Your Head” is a soft number with more clean vocals and solid tunes. It floats along leaving you wanting more with every word and note that it offers. There is one transition that will have you taking a step back, but overall the track is good. “Life Impossible” has a nice little groove that will have you swaying with the beat. The vocals are clear and you are about to sing right along with them. The music is simple yet elegant, especially the guitar solo. The vocals do get a bit hairy in one section, but overall they are still solid. The higher notes are a little reserved, but the entire thing is. I enjoyed the track. “Whatever It Takes” is a laid back track with an easy listening feel. The vocals are more upfront than the last track. It does repeat some, but it really didn’t affect the feeling that you get. I love the huge note that transitions into the guitar solo as it really defines the tune. That’s the moment that you will take away from the track and will also have you coming back. “Runaway” wraps up the album with a slow track with more vocals that seem to be set a bit too far back. It’s a lot like “Life Impossible” in that regard. The vocals are also a bit winey. I think that this one might be at the bottom of the list for this album. Overall the album isn't too bad. I would like to of heard at least one faster tune to break up the slowness of the album. The vocals did have some excellent points, but there was a hairy spot in one tune and a couple of the tracks I felt they were set too far back. The music was strong, but limited by the pace of the record. I do feel that this is potential there, but they need to open it up some.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Whatever It Takes


Track List:

1.      You Are My Everything

2.      Lay Your Head

3.      Life Impossible

4.      Whatever It Takes

5.      Runaway


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