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Monster Truck



Jon Harvey - Vocals & Bass

Jeremy Widerman - Guitar & Vocals

Brandon Bliss - Organ & Vocals

Steve Kiely - Drums & Vocals


            Monster Truck began as a little side project up in Ontario, but quickly gained steam and took off unlike anyone could imagine. The guys realized that they needed to take offers more seriously and soon had a couple of EPs. After tours that spread all over the Canadian territories they returned home in 2012 to write and record their debut full length album. That album is out now and features 12 tracks that spread 45 minutes. The album gets going with “Old Train” which offers up a fabulous opening. The main vocals sweep in after the intro along with some killer tunes that are so damn infectious that you can’t ignore them. The track is smooth and you can’t get it out of your head. The old school feel to the song is awesome and I hope that it continues on throughout the record. “The Lion” opens up with a killer guitar riff followed in by some drums to round out the intro. This grabs your attention right off the bat and will have you glued for the rest of the tune. The vocals come strolling in with their bluesy and somewhat raspy sound. It’s a nice blend. The track will have you moving around and enjoying yourself. “Power of the People” wastes no time in getting going. The vocals are right in your face right from the get go. The energy in this number is a bit higher than the laid back nature of the first two tracks. The tune offers up some power and demands the attention that you will give to it. The vocals still stay clear while they get a bit rougher and the tunes speed up some. “Sweet Mountain River” opens up with a laid back intro that slowly turns up the heat. The vocals come sliding in with ease and roll along in front of the big time guitars and drums. The track will have you leaning back and just enjoying. “Psychics” turns the tempo up with a racing number. The vocals turn up the speed and run through the lyrics while the tunes rumble in behind them. There are parts of the tune that are hard to hear as everything clumps together, but for the most part is a fun number that will have a crowd dancing around. “Oh Lord” is a smooth track with a great southern rock feel. The vocals give up a great set of lyrics that we all can run with. This track, like the last, is hard to understand in some spots, but for the most part the tunes is solid and you can once again sit back and enjoy. “For The Sun” is a long track that clocks in over seven minutes long. The first minute is a long intro then they move into a slow moving vocal dominate tune. It’s not a bad sounding track, but there is not enough to keep you hanging around. I feel that this is a track that you will leave playing in the background if it even comes on, but you won’t seek this one out. “Boogie” is a quick hitter clocking in at just 2 and half minutes. The track runs along with an upbeat tempo and solid vocals. They still have the southern blues feel to it, but the pace of the track moves the short number right along. It’s another fun little number. “Undercover Love” hits a little harder than the last couple of tunes, but it still offers up some of the great old school rock as the others. It remains smooth and easy listening, but with a little rough feel to it. They really try to go big with the vocals and it works for the most part. They also infuse this one with a killer guitar solo that steamrolls you with its technicality and precision. It turns out to be a solid and fun track. “Sleeping Giant” is another quick track, but this one goes to the harder side of things. The vocals do a bit more screaming in this one and they place some backing vocals into the mix as well. I do think though that it’s a little bit of a filler tune. “Call It A Spade” goes back to the bluesy southern side of things. The vocals are again smooth and have that infectious sound. The music is also killer and will have you coming back time and time again. “My Love Is True” wraps up the album on a slow note. The heartfelt number offers up some great lyrics along with some killer tunes. The slow nature of the track will have you closing your eyes and just enjoying the number. What take this song to the next level are the backing vocals that they introduce throughout the tune. They are these choir vocals that take over the tune with a monstrous vibe and will leave you speechless. Overall this is a great album. There are so many tracks that you can listen to over and over again, but more importantly it’s nearly the entire album that you can just run through. The vocals are solid throughout and will leave you wanting more. The music runs right along side them with precision. Them blended together provides a near masterpiece of Furiosity.


Rating: 9 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Old Train, The Lion, Undercover Love, My Love Is True


Track List:

  1. Old Train
  2. The Lion
  3. Power of the People
  4. Sweet Mountain River
  5. Psychics
  6. Oh Lord
  7. For The Sun
  8. Boogie
  9. Undercover Love
  10. Sleeping Giant
  11. Call It A Spade
  12. My Love Is True

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