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Mission South

Migration Vol.2


Dan Miller - Guitar/Vocals
John Beck - Bass/Vocals
Max Harwood - Drums


            Soul Rock, exactly what is it? Well, it’s Mission South. The Washington DC trio met in the forth grade and remained friends until the formation of the band in 2012. They began to write and came out with their debut EP (part 1 of the three-part series). In April 2013 they released Vol. 2 of the “Migration” set. The album is said to capture the transformation of a childhood dream into a professional endeavor. The EP features 6 tracks and gets going with “Introduction to Vol 2.” The track is just a short thing that flows right to the next tune “Free.” The track is an easy listening number with a simple sound and a smooth flow to the tune. It never really gets you excited, but will get you to close our eyes and enjoy the track. You can sit back and enjoy the track or listen to is over dinner. It doesn’t get that excitement level up, but its descent. “Peaches” offers up a bit more attitude and flair to that track. The intro section is cool and then the vocals come in with a different style. They have a bit more attitude like I said, but they also get to show a bit of range. The track has a nice little groove to it and they add in some backing vocals to spice it up some. It’s another descent tune that I think you can place on and go about your business. “Saint” opens up with a soft bass picking along before the guitar enters the mix. The duo plays then the drums chime in to bring the musical presence full fold. The vocals sweep in with a soft spoken voice that compliments the music extremely well. The track floats along, captivating you the entire time, with its soft tones and well thought out lyrics. “Photographs & Fables” continue along the same path as the last tune and most of the album. The drums lay down an old war beat for a little bit. The vocals are set way back in which almost gives them a mystic feel about them. The music is solid and works well with the vocals. “Thriller” offers up a bit of an upbeat tune. The guitars really add some flavor to the track. The solo section is elegant and the vocals roll in and out of the song with ease. The smooth sounding track ends the album on a good note. Overall this EP is good. I would have liked to have heard a wider variety of tempos, but what they did offer was well done. It sounds like they spend a lot of time writing and perfecting their craft. While I said that I would like to have heard more tempo in some of the tracks, I think that they have found a unique sound. It’s something that you can put on and just let it play through while you get stuff down around the house or sitting down to a nice dinner. Mission South is a band to watch in the near future. I think the fundamentals are there and a little fine tuning will get them even further.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10


Track List:

  1. Introduction to Vol 2.
  2. Free
  3. Peaches
  4. Saint
  5. Photographs & Fables
  6. Thriller


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