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Memory Of A Melody

Things That Make You Scream


Mario Melody Galdos – Vocals

Wade Wonder Sigue – Guitar

Roel Riot Castillo – Guitar

Joel Mertinez – Bass

Robin Lopez - Drums


            San Antonio, TX is where this next band comes to us from. The 5-piece band has shared the stage with many national acts as they have risen to quick success. With help from producer Bryan Scott it’s said that MOAM has “shaped an album that boldly attacks the blandness of modern rock by wrapping pounding rhythms, and intricate guitar work around catchy, hard-edged vocals.” Let’s see if that true of the 12 tracks that comprise Things That Make You Scream. They get the album going with “Mask,” a fast paced tune with loads of guitars and pounding drums. The vocals come in with a rough and raw sound. They are really unique and when they add in the backing vocals the song it complete. The tune is great as a whole. The transitions are clean and the tunes work well with the vocals. “Til Death Do Us Part” opens up with a nice little groove that turns into something great. I love the guitars in the intro and they actually show up again and again during the track. The overall vibe of this tune is great. You have great tunes and vocals flying all over the place. You will enjoy it. “Things That Make You Scream” offers up a unique vibe and sweet vocals. The titled cut will have you doing exactly what the title suggests. This one should do some serious work. It has all the elements to make an outstanding track in all walks of life. “Pieces” tosses in some growling and screaming vocals into the mix. They influence the track tremendously and it really mixes up the sounds. The music is solid as well. “Intersections” begins with a huge intro with fast guitars that rip through your ear drums and pounding drums. The vocals then enter with poise and offer up some well written lyrics. The tune cruises along giving plenty of opportunities for the band to get the crowd involved. “Break Away” has a unique intro that will have you stepping closer. It slows the album down and it does it in a great way. The tune really sucks you in and keeps you coming back. It’s a refreshing tune with great vocals and superb music. It just sounds so complete. “Skin Deep”, the longest tune on the album, is a slower tune with added instruments to give it some added depth. The vocals and lyrics are really the main focuses of the tune. They really grab a hold of you and won’t let go. It’s ones of those deep tracks with soul and an unprecedented amount of power. “Darkest Hour” brings the raw rough vocals back to the forefront. They also toss in some soaring guitars to give the track some more spice. The solo is a perfect way example of this. I think this track will have to grow on you, but eventually it will be one that will get some regular play. “Reach” is a slower track that took a lot of time to get into. They offer up some unique tunes and descent vocals, but it just lack that special element to make it impactful. It glides along with ease, but unfortunately I think it ends there. “Ultra Violence” opens up with a killer intro and gets back to the first couple of tracks. They offer up really low vocals with high pitched screams for the vocal style. The music is pretty cool as it races around for the better part of the tune. The guitar solo might be the best from the album. The lead guitars rip through the track with power and a sound that will stick with you for a while. “The Core” is a slow track with loads of power coming from the vocals. The track will captivate you with just one listen. They install backing vocals that help out some, but it was a strong track before they arrived. There is a raw gritty sound to the music and the drums stepped up and took some of the spotlight. “Truth In Lies” wraps up the album as an instrumental. Here you can hear the technical aspect of their playing. The drums go off once again and the guitars soar to new heights. If you want to just jam this is the track to pull up. Overall this is a very good album. There are several tracks that I like myself, but more importantly that I believe the fans will love. I love the multiple vocal styles that are flooding this album. The clean vocals are smooth, but I think it’s the raw ones that set those tracks off more. The screams also add something to each track that they appear in. The music is strong and powerful. The guitars are really great and their solos take the tracks to the next level. I really think that these. Guys have a really bright future and don’t let your friends be the first to discover these guys, let that be you.


Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Things That Make You Scream, Skin Deep, Ultra Violence


Track List:

  1. Mask
  2. ‘Til Death Do Us Part
  3. Things That Make You Scream
  4. Pieces
  5. Intersections
  6. Break Away
  7. Skin Deep
  8. Darkest Hour
  9. Reach
  10. Ultra Violence
  11. The Core
  12. Truth In Lies

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