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Lynam - Tragic City Symphony

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Tragic City Symphony


Jacob Lynam – vocals
Mark Lynam – bass
David Lynam – drums


            The brothers Lynam have a new album, a new label, but the same huge ‘80s rock sounds that have appeared on their albums before. The sons of famous musicians that we don’t need to mention, because they don’t need to ride on those credentials or are they? Digging deep, I mean deep, and ready everything I could on the band I realized that they little bio on the myspace page and that I used on the first review I did for the band was a little fabricated. I first had seen them on stage with then band Eighteen Visions and a mini band name Hinder. The three piece band was quite the act with their huge hair, crazy antics and amazing 80’s rock sound. I was very fascinated with the band and quickly jumped on the web and tracked down their newest release at the time Slave to the Machine. Flash forward a year or so and we arrive to today. The band released Tragic City Symphony via their new label New Ocean. The album begins with the track “Is This A Heartbreak or A Loaded Gun.” The song quickly takes you back to the 80’s high flying sound with a bit of new stuff. It includes some gang vocals, some “who who’s,” and nice guitar work. Track two “Enemy,” which includes gang vocals from Hinder, is a great track that has all the works (hold the relish please) and an absolutely stunning solo work that will make your drop. “Lindsay Says” has a similar eerie sound to it that leans on Breaking Benjamin and even some CrossFade sounds. Even with that said the track can still stand on its own with much potential. “Just Say Anything” ends the first third of the album. The track introduces a piano and a side of the band needs to be heard a few more times. It’s a serious track with a deep meaning, yet the lyric set of “baby, I’m sorry” is used to much. It might have had a bigger impact a few notches down in the line up. “Save My Soul” an okay track that starts to bring the momentum back up. Next is the short track “Porn Star” that reminds me of a Puddle of Mudd “She Hates Me” because of the shortness and the corky-ness of the tune. It’s sure to be a fan favorite! “Can’t Do Anything” keeps the pace up with a high intensity track with those high flying guitars and gang vocals that they are known for including a sweet solo. “If You Leave” is a track you won’t be able to get enough of. The song that sounds like has to be inspired by them touring with Hinder and hearing the reaction of the crowd to “Lips of an Angel.” Its not identical doesn’t think that, but this track will and I repeat WILL make an impact in their careers and may blossom them into something special. “Make it Alright” gets back great raging guitars while the second most intriguing song title finally appears in focus. “White Trash Superstar” emerges is a hillbilly beginning that gives you a chuckle with the addition of a banjo and clapping. “A Million Ways” is another track just like “If You Leave” that has that capability of sky-rocketing a career of just making it or on the way of making it to a huge record deal with a huge worldwide label. The sweet sound makes you want to get your lighter or cell out and light it up. The album ends with a track named “Suffer.” It is a great ending to an outstanding album. It’s not as hard nor soft as the others, but right in between. It offers up a great solo that goes perfectly with the entire album. Overall this is a really good album. The band explored a new type of track and hit is perfectly as well as maintaining what they are great at. It’s a must take a look at type album and I know that you won’t be disappointed.


Rating: 8 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Enemy, Porn Star


Track List:

1.      Is This A Heartbreak or A Loaded Gun

2.      Enemy

3.      Lindsay Says

4.      Just Say Anything

5.      Save My Soul

6.      Porn Star

7.      Can’t Do Anything

8.      If You Leave

9.      Make It Alright

10.  White Trash Superstar

11.  A Million Ways

12.  Suffer


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