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Was the recording process different for “Slave to the Machine” compared to the other albums that you have made? If so, how different were they?

No, we approached the recording process the same we we've done all the records.  We usually spend a couple of weeks in a room together for pre-production and then knock it out in the studio.  We do a lot of layering with guitars, vocals and sometimes keyboards.  We've always loved the sound of the really big arena rock records.  Anytime I write a song, I try to make sure that after the 1st chorus the song is stuck in your head.  Nickelback is a great example of a modern day band with a huge production and great songs.




Who is the craziest of the group?

 It depends on what day it is and what your definition of crazy is.  David is the most hyper.  He is always on 11.  Mark is the quiet one in the band, but he has the mind of a serial killer LOL.  I'm pretty laid back most of the time.


Why was the song “By Your Side” written? Does it have a deep meaning to you guys or was it written so that fans can fill in their own meaning?

It was written about a guy that I grew up with that was really crazy.  In high school he starting dating a girl and they eventually moved in together right after school.  On the weekends, he had a job working on a farm about an hour away from Birmingham to make extra money.  One Saturday the owner of the farm told him to take the weekend off, so he turned around and headed back to Birmingham.  When he got home, he caught his girlfriend in bed with another guy.  He snapped and made a bad decision.  


How incredible does it feel to have a song hit #1 on the Active Rock independent chart?



How was your experience on the road with Hinder and 18 Visions?

Amazing!  That was the most fun tour that we have ever been on.  Every show was sold out and the bands really bonded with each other.  We made some friends for life.


What is the craziest thing that every happened to you on tour?

 There are a million crazy things.  It would be too hard to narrow it down to just one.  


If you were able to share the stage with any band/artist who would it be and why?

 Any band that can sell out an arena.  We just love to play in front of a lot of people, it’s the greatest high you could ever imagine.

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