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Lunar Electric

Lunar Electric EP


Lunar Electric recently released a new self-titled EP. Front man and lead guitarist Dre Dimura heads the trio. The release gets going with “Bread and Circuses” opens the album off with a nice little number that has some solid vocals. They are super smooth as they deliver a nice yet odd set of lyrics. The guitars I think are the star attraction in this one though. They offer up a killer solo as well as pop off a time or two during the track’s progression. This is one that I can see doing a little bit of work and maybe being included on a debut full length release. “Moonlight” is a slow move track with distinctive guitar and a bluesy feel. Lasting four and a half minutes, the song will have you swaying back and forth. There is a long instrumental section in this one that gives the guitars room to roam. There are sections that sound great, but there are also sections that last too long. A little shorter of a version I think would be sufficient as they just repeat the same tunes over and over towards the end. It’s a long drawn out process. The meat of the track is still good through, just need to trim a little fat off. “Sleepwalker” opens up with a nice intro the offers up high flying guitars and easy going drums. The vocals then enter with a swagger. They don’t last long before they kick it up with the tunes again. The vocals really flutter in and out of the track. They sound okay while they are in the mix, but it’s really a musical show for this one. “Crossfire Child” clocks in at about 6 minutes. Its another decent track, but its not going to blow you away. The vocals are much of the same as the first three tracks. They are whimsical and fluttery as they offer up some okay lyrics. The track seems to go on forever though and I found myself drifting off and getting distracted from time to time. Overall this is an okay EP. I can see some work that is needed. Maybe an up tempo track from time to time as well to break up the flow to provide a nice change of pace. I did like the guitar work as there were some sounds that I have never before. The drums were decent as well as they provide a nice backbone. Vocally the record was lackadaisical yet unique. There were spots where I dug them, but others I wasn’t that impressed. A little more seasoning and they might have something going.


Rating: 5.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Bread & Circuses


Track List:

  1. Bread & Circuses
  2. Moonlight
  3. Sleepwalker
  4. Crossfire Child


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