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Like A Storm

Chaos Theory Part 1


Chris Brooks – Lead vocals, Rhythm guitar

Matt Brooks – Lead guitar, Vocals

Kent Brooks – Bass guitar, Vocals, Guitar

Roye Robley - Drums


            Half way across the world Like a Storm began their journey. The year was 2005 when the brothers first played in their native New Zealand. The guys then headed to Canada to set up their home base. In 2006, the guys began work on their debut album. Sixteen months later the album was complete and ready for the masses. In 2009 they released the album and continued down their path. In early 2011 the guys completed two US tours with Alter Bridge then moved onto 3 summer festivals. That year also seen the guys release an Unplugged EP as well as getting voted Tunelab’s “Most Friendly Bank.” In 2012, the band seen more touring this time with their new drummer. They hit the road with Creed in May then jumped on a few Festivals throughout the summer. In October 2012 they began a US headlining tour in support of their sophomore record. The album dropped in late November and includes 7 tunes. Chaos Theory Part 1 opens up with “Six Feet Under.” The tune is hard and heavy with precise strikes. The vocals are loud yet clear while they demand your attention. The transitions remain smooth although the track is hard and gritty. It’s very easy to get into this track. This song makes a statement and has you ready for more. “Never Surrender” steps up next with another hard tune. The guitars soar while the vocals stay pretty low to the ground. They have a little of a low growl to some of them then they lighten up in other places. The tunes stay pretty hard throughout the track and provide a great base to the track. You can easily get into the track. The guys then go out on a limb for the next tune. They re-did Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise.” You will instantly hear something you recognize even if it’s not Coolio’s version or Weird Al’s spoof of the track. Nevertheless you should connect. It has a calm sound to it for most of the track. The guitars are great while the drums are steady. They add in some effects as well as a weird growling section that I really didn’t like at all. That might be the only negative to me in this rendition. It’s a fun thing to hear. “Break Free” is a 6 plus minute track. It slows the album down for a soulful and passionate tune. You almost instantly close your eyes to enjoy this track. The vocals are clean and calming. The music compliments the vocal style extremely well. It will put a smile on your face each time you listen to it. “Love The Way You Hate Me” heads back to the hard side and flirts with some dark sounds among lighter side of the tune. I really like the vocals and the overall vibe of the track, but the didgeridoo section is a bit long for me. If it was a bit shorter the track would have felt more complete and more of a unit. I do like what they are giving up in the song. “Southern Skies” slows down the album once again for what is my favorite tune of the record. The vocals are extremely vulnerable as they offer up an amazing set of lyrics. Every time I heard the track I found myself just sitting and listening. The track is silky smooth in every aspect and will put a smile on your face. This one might be one of my favorite tracks I have ever heard. “Nothing Remains (NIHIL Reliquum)” wraps up the album on an odd note. The track isn't bad it’s just the overall vibe of the track that is odd. They give up descent vocals and solid tunes, but it really doesn’t stick with you. The ending lasts way too long. It just seems to be a voiceover with music. Overall the album is solid. Of course I would like to have seen more tracks on the album, but what they did give up was solid. There are a couple of tracks that will hang around for a long time namely “Southern Skies.” The vocals are really good and they change their style from track to track. This keeps you guessing as well as not letting the sound go stannic. I really like the addition of the slower tracks compared to the hard tracks. They break the album up really nice. The music is really well done. The balance of the guitars and drums is great while the additions of the extras really take the tracks to the next level. Some of them might have gone a little too far, but overall they helped. I think they really took their time on this record, I just wish there was more. Part 2 needs to be epic.  

Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Six Feet Under and Southern Skies


Track List:

1.      Six Feet Under

2.      Never Surrender

3.      Gangster’s Paradise

4.      Break Free

5.      Love The Way You Hate Me

6.      Southern Skies

7.      Nothing Remains (NIHIL Reliquum)


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