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Dylan Kongos – Bass Guitar, vocals.

Daniel Kongos – Guitar, vocals.

Jesse Kongos – Drums and percussion, vocals.

Johnny Kongos – Accordion, keyboard, vocals.


            This next band that we are looking at consists of four brothers. Hailing from South Africa the band composes records and performs out of Phoenix, Arizona. The band released its debut album Lunatic in 2012 and the lead single did very well on the South African charts. In 2013 the band self-released the album in the US. The two singles that were released after the release received a lot of exposure which resulted in a signing with Epic Records and a re-release of the album. The record holds down 51 minutes through 12 tracks. They get going with “I’m Only Joking.” The track takes a little bit to get going. It really never gets going crazy, but the vibe of the track and the sound of the vocals keep you there. The vocals flow oddly, but burrow into your head and you will be singing along with the chorus in no time. The music is fun and flirty. It is a nice way to get the album going. “Come With Me Now” gets going with an accordion of all things before an odd set of vocals come strolling. The track is so infectious and you won’t be able to leave it alone. The simple little things like the clapping help this track move into the next tier. This is an awesome tune. There is a little country feel to the track I feel and the change of pace in the middle of the track helps you appreciate the entire track more. This track should go straight to the iPod for most people. “I Want To Know” is a slow moving track that repeats a lot. The vocals are clear and if you can get past the repeating the song has a nice flow to it. I really wasn’t a huge fan of the track overall, but the instrumental section is phenomenal. There are some sounds that I have never heard before. “Escape” is another easy going tune, but it offers up enough in the vibe to keep you around. There are couple moments that will surprise you and will have you coming back. The song flows really and the vocals are super clean. “Kids These Days” kicks up the tempo with a huge opening that features big drums and a sweet guitar. The tunes step back slightly when the vocals enter, but they do kick back up. The lyrical set is a bit odd, but after you get past the opening section they grow on you. The vibe of the track is infectious. “As We Are” is a slow moving track with clean vocals and a sweeping musical set. It offers up a nice little grove for a middle offering. Although the track sounds solid it just didn’t strike a nerve with me. “Sex On The Radio” tosses out another track with the accordion in it. The track kicks up the tempo and lays a smooth set of lines on top of it. The track is very catchy and I can see fans getting into this track very easily. I also can see it blowing up live. There is a section during the track that is a bit strange, but it’s pretty quick and then they get back to the normal set of lyrics and vocals. They also place in some backing vocals in the track. “Hey I Don’t Know” opens up with a funky beat that catches your ears and keeps you around. The tune cruises along with ease and you will find yourself tapping your foot and bobbing your head. The tunes are fabulous in this offering and you almost forget about the vocals, but they come up strong in some places. This is another huge number that can do some serious work. “Traveling On” slows the album way down for a heartfelt passionate number. The whispering tunes sweep along while lifting up the vocals. With that said the track really doesn’t do it for me. There isn’t really anything to hang onto except the vocals. If you can connect with them as well as the lyrics this track is for you. “Take Me Back” is an eerie sounding track all the way around. The lead vocals have a soft spoken tone to them while the backing vocals shine just enough for a creepy effect. The instrumental section is solid as well. It’s a low key sound that actually lightens up the tune towards the end. It’s a fun little number that you can have play in the back ground while you are doing something around the house or even taking a nice jog. An “It’s a Good Life” switch gears some and it’s a nice coffee shop sounding number. The clean vocals offer up some superb lyrics. The music is uplifting and moves fairly well throughout the time it was giving. It’s a fun track that some will grab a hold of. I can see it doing some other work outside of the record too. “This Time I Won’t Forget” wraps up the album with an okay tune. I felt like the track did go on way too long. The message within the lyrics is good and they are well written, but I just couldn’t get into the track. Overall the album is pretty good. There are several tracks including the current smash hit “Come With Me Now.” The guys show their unique sound throughout the album and it stands out well. Their spin on rock is a refreshing. The lyrics are well written and executed perfectly. The oddities that are included within each track spice the record up and leave you never knowing what is going to come at you. That aspect of the album helps it greatly exceed expectation. It’s really a high risk high reward idea which I believe pays off.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Come With Me Now, Hey I Don’t Know, Take Me Back


Track List:

  1. I’m Only Joking
  2. Come With Me Now
  3. I Want To Know
  4. Escape
  5. Kids These Days
  6. As We Are
  7. Sex On The Radio
  8. Hey I Don’t Know
  9. Traveling On
  10. Take Me Back
  11. It’s a Good Life
  12. This Time I Won’t Forget


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