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Interview with Von from Star and Dagger

Steal the Spotlight: Hi there, to whom am I speaking with and what do you do in the band?


Star and Dagger: hi there, this is Von Hesseling. I am the lead singer for Star and Dagger.


STS: You are about to release your debut album (Tomorrowland Blues). Can we get a preview of things we can expect from the release?


Von: We are thrilled to be releasing Tomorrowland Blues this summer.  Fans can expect a big dose of heavy rock, played by women who know what that means. We have some guest stars helping us out on our August tour. Michael Brueggen from Honky will be on drums, Ethan Allen from Gram Rabbit is our extra guitar. And of course Sean Yseult on bass, Dava She Wolf, lead guitar round out the band. We've been having a blast playing the album live, so I expect it will be a party!


STS: What kind of things did you draw on?


Von: We drew on our own bizarre ideas of destruction and redemption. The atmosphere of New Orleans and Joshua Tree. Manhattan and whiskey figure prominently in our brain pans as well.  We've definitely created our own world. Where hard rocking women still dress up for dinner, and recording an album is the epitome of glamour. Stones in morocco, is our template. 


STS: The album gets going with “In My Blood” which you released on vinyl. How well has this been received?


Von: Our first release, an EP out on last Hurrah records was a wonderful entree for us. In My Blood is the title track, and it really sums up our sound. It's meaty and melodic, with dark visuals. The album did wonderfully.  People love the vinyl these days. The artwork is gorgeous too, as well as having blood covered clear vinyl.


STS: Do you think that this is any indication on how the new album will fair?


Von: I think our full length album will do just as well. We really move some merchandise, especially after we play. Which I take as a good sign that were doing something right.


STS: Your sound has been described as “The perfect blend of Black Sabbath and Valley of the Dolls.” Would you agree?


Von: Lina Licaro from LAWeekly made that comparison and of course we loved it.  If you've seen our video for "your momma was a grifter" you can see that comparison in action!


STS: Is there any one else that you would include in that description?


Von: I think we aren't compared to too many other bands because our sound really is unique. I don't have people coming to us after shows saying you remind me of this or that. Which is so refreshing.


STS: The band has attracted a lot of attention. You played a sold out show in LA and opened for a slue of big name acts. What does this mean to you?


Von: We've been fortunate to have some great friends invite us along on some pretty special events. Phil Anselmo just asked us to participate in his house core horror fest in Austin, Tx in October. So it helps to have been in the business as long as people like Sean and Dava have been, but you're not going to get that invite unless they believe in your music. It's really an honor.



STS: Anything else that fans and readers should know about the album?


Von: The album features a special Star and Dagger game board on the back to play with your buddies over shots of whiskey


STS: The last question, if you were able share the stage with anyone (passed on or still kicking) whom would it be and why?


Von: My personal dream would be to have an Iggy Pop David Bowie sandwich if you know what I mean.

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