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Interview with Theo of Revenant Dead

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What was it like growing up in the UK?


It was exciting because there are so many opportunities out there in the UK. I found early on that I wanted to go into music so I spent a lot of my growing up time practicing and playing with bands.  


What bands did you grow up listening to?


I started out listening to bands like Nirvana, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers once I found out about alternative music. I spent a lot of time exploring new and different music and almost without realizing, I had gathered a substantial amount of Metal CDs. I have a wide range of musical taste now, which includes Drum & Bass, Reggae, Funk, Rock, and Jazz, but still Metal dominates my music collection, and always will.


Which one(s) have you drawn from musically?


There are bits of all sorts of styles that have influenced my drumming, but some of the main ones are the metal bands Slayer, Lamb of God, Metallica, In Flames, Dream Theater, Pantera, Rammstein and Disturbed


Was it hard to find the perfect members for the band or did everything just fall into place?


Yes, it was hard but over time things did fall into place. I played with Aydin in another band from a young age and we always had problems finding a good vocalist and bassist. When Ayd found West, we were almost there, but again there was the bassist issue. The hardest member to find for Revenant Dead was a bassist.


I heard a lot of different styles and textures on IRM, were you just experimenting trying to find yourselves a bit more or did everything just gel well for you with that group of tracks?


I think the range of styles on the album showed that we are a band that can offer a lot musically. When you listen to the album, you can tell that Revenant Dead is a band that has thrown away the rule book and written songs in a new way. I think that incorporating bits of other styles and trying out new things will always be a part of the Revenant Dead sound.     


What have been your influences in making/writing the album?


We didn’t consciously try to sound like anything else, and we were all listening to different things in our spare time. When we write, it is all about feel; what feels good to play and listen to.


Personally, what is your favorite track of the IRM?


Tantamount is my favorite, because there is something very pure and raw about it. It’s not the heaviest song on the album, but it is one of the most powerful.


Are there special rituals that you go though before you hit the stage? (like standing on your head for 3 minutes in a corner)


I like to hang out with the guys and the other bands before a show. It’s important to enjoy yourself and stay relaxed. About 20 minutes before we hit the stage I do warm up exercises and stretches, usually while chatting to someone.


What is the biggest stage you could envision for yourselves?

Rock Am Ring is awesome, I can imagine Revenant Dead playing there and tearing that place down! Castle Donnington is also a target I have, that would be a hell of a milestone for us to play there.


What can we expect for the next album?

It’s going to be heavier and more focused in terms of defining the Revenant Dead sound. We are also going to be experimenting with various effects and creating new samples, something that was rarely explored in the first album.


Is there a time table for it?


Yes, it’s going to be very hectic and I can’t reveal too much, but I can tell you that we have already started recording demos. We are currently recording new songs, playing around with layers and textures and generally seeing what works. This is something that we didn’t do with the first album. I think the preparation we are putting in this time around is going to make the finished product far superior to IRM.


Of the bands you have been on tour with, which one have you related to the most?


They’ve all shared the same love of music, which is great, but it’s impossible to single out just one.


Which one is the craziest?


If I told you that, they’d have to kill me.


Are you guys involved with the internet at all? Like your website or myspace page? Do you run them yourselves?


Yes, we don’t employ anyone to run our myspace or make our website or any of that. It’s all us and that’s how we like it because we get to be closer to the fans. It is fortunate for us that I am also a web and graphic designer. Keeping things in-house like that helps us to create an image exactly how we want it. I work closely with the other band members to provide updates and create new content. Another member tends to run the myspace by replying to messages and comments and what not. Perhaps if we were to have a hectic tour schedule and all that, we’d have to get someone else in to help out because that can get very time consuming.


What’s in your CD player or iPod right now?


I’ve been really into the new Disturbed and In Flames albums recently. Today I had the new pendulum album on in the car.


Anything else you would like to say or discus?


I would like to say to your readers, we are there to provide you good music and we hope you are there to support us. We do want to see you at our live shows having a good time with your friends. That’s what it’s all about. We want to tour the next album big time, so  check out  our myspace youtube, or and stay tuned to the latest news and previews of the next release.


Okay, this is the last one and I always finish it up with this one. If you can share the stage with anyone ever….who would it be and why?


I would share the same stage as Metallica, because we would feel a great sense of achievement for our band to get to that level.

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