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Interview with Sergio from Atom Smash


Steal the Spotlight: What is your part in Atom Smash?


Atom Smash: singer


STS: What is the craziest thing that happened to you this week?


Sergio: I chocked on sunflower seeds on stage. Was bleeding from my throat


STS: Let’s get to know you some. Where are you from?


Sergio: Born in Miami raised in Trenton, Florida. Little country town


STS: What bands melted you face off during your youth?


Sergio: Soundgarden, STP, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam


STS: Coming from Miami and having the Hispanic culture spread thick, was it hard to get out of Miami as a “Rock” band or is the music scene still friendly to the metal heads?


Sergio: Miami has no music scene. Thank god cause it forced us to hit the road. Wouldn’t be here if we were caught up as a local band

STS: What’s in your CD player or iPod right now?


Sergio: Grunge and arena rock.


STS: With you having the new album coming out, what are the plans for the rest of the year besides the tour dates already set?


Sergio: Hmm mostly touring and more touring. Don’t want to be doing anything else.


STS: What would you say the mindset was for the album and when will it hit stores?


Sergio: Aug. 31st, open mindset. A combination of style and songwriting. We want to get brutal romantic fun artsy. Just getting our fix of it all.


STS: Any special plans around the release of the album?


Sergio: I’m sure we'll be partying it up in Jackson Miss. Every night is a celebration but nothing too different


STS: What can we expect from the rest of the album now that the lead single is out now?


Sergio: Expect variety


STS: How is it touring with CAVO and Sherman’s Harvest?


Sergio: We're bromantic. There a good hang and bring it live

STS: What went through your heads are you learned about and signed you Jive Records record deal?


Sergio: It was a rush. Everything happened so fast. Made me feel a little less crazy for sticking with this


STS: Anything else you would like to say or discuss?


Sergio: Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, STP, Atom Smash tour lol so glad these bands are all back maybe we can have the honor of sharing the stage one day


STS: Okay, this is the last one and I always finish it up with this one. If you can share the stage with anyone ever….who would it be and why?


Sergio: Hah well there you have it. I was a step ahead. These bands represented pure careless rock. And it would be amazing to get to watch them every night

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