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Interview with Rod Black of Jet Black Stare

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Q: What bands did you grow up listening to?


A: Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Johnny Cash (Old country in general)


Q: Which one have you drawn from musically?


A: Johnny Cash


Q: A lot of people say that we get a 2nd chance at life. With your accident, do you feel that you are on your second chance at life? If so, how has your life changed?


A: Yes, I do. I was young and a little reckless. I was trying to impress some girls and had some moonshine, then crashed my car. When I was in the hospital I flat-lined and was pronounced dead at the age of 19. The next day I woke up and asked what happened, I thought I was dreaming. I left the hospital and within hours was at work. I then realized that I needed a drastic change in my life and here I am now.


Q: A lot of the song titles seem to revolve around your accident, was that the idea or did it just happen that way?


A: Both, some songs are about the situation and some are not. Basically it was two guys [Jeff Johnson] writing together and meshing well. Some of the songs are my experience and some are based on his.


Q: With 2 songs going on the new NASCAR 2009 and the one of them being the official theme for WWE Summerslam, are you afraid of getting your name out there to much to fast and spreading yourselves too thin?


A: That’s a good question. I think that it is more overwhelming. We are just going with the flow. Going out every night and playing with the same intensity that we always do. We want to give 100% each and every set. We don’t let it go to our heads and we enjoy every show.


Q: Personally, what is your favorite track of the new album?


A: “Next To Me” the closing track to the album.


Q: Are there special rituals that you go though before you hit the stage? (like standing on your head for 3 minutes in a corner)


A: Vocal warm-ups, collect my thoughts, breathing exercises… own personal Zen time.



Q: Which one is the craziest?


A: We are more Gym guys and not the partying type. We do have a beer or 2 every once in a while and try to catch a set or 2 with the bands we are on tour with, but after we head to the merch booth and chill with fans we have to pack up and head to the next city we are playing in.


Q: Does songwriter/producer Jeff Johnson go out on tour with you guys from time to time?


A: No he doesn’t come on tour with us. He was going to be the original guitarist but it didn’t work out that way. He is currently in Canada writing with another band.


Q: Are you guys involved with the internet at all? Like the website or your myspace page? Do you run them yourselves?


A: Yes we are. We get on and do the blogs on myspace. Dave has that job. We all have different jobs while on tour to get some things done. We all get on and chat with friends and if a message is directed towards someone that person will get on and respond to it.


Q: What’s in your CD player or iPod right now?


A: Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Rancid


Q: Anything else you would like to say?


A: We just go out and give a 100% each and every night. Of course no 2 shows are the same, it depends on the type of energy we are feeding off of from the fans. Some shows the crowd knows this track and at another show they might be responding a different song more. We show up early to shows, don’t step on any ones toes and whether there is 5 people of 5000 people we give that 100%.


Q: Okay, this is the last one and I always finish it up with this one. If you can share the stage with anyone ever….who would it be and why?


A: personally it would be Johnny Cash. He was the inspiration for the name of the band. I was sitting in my room playing my guitar and I looked up at my Cash poster and though that I was looking at a black stare.

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