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Steal the Spotlight: When did the band fully come together? Was it right after the 18V breakup or a few weeks to a month down the road?


NORMAN MATTHEW - N3 has been working together since Feb.2007. Keith and Trevor were writing music for this project on the tour bus when 18V was touring, stuff that they felt wouldn’t work with 18V, but would work with a new project. I had no idea the band was breaking until April, it was a shock to me. After that NEVER ENOUGH became our main project and band. It’s a total honor to work with Keith and Trevor and I wouldn’t change that for the world.


Steal the Spotlight: Where did the name of the band come from?


NORMAN MATTHEW - NEVER ENOUGH was Keith’s idea, but we all feel it. People can never haven enough, cant steal enough, cant kill enough, cant have enough money, power, sex, fame, life always seems to be NEVER ENOUGH.


Steal the Spotlight: I really like the name of the title “1.0” Can we expect the same theme for the rest of the album you guys create as a band, or will you change it up a bit sometime down the road?


NORMAN MATTHEW - we will always change it up a bit. with "1.0" we set out to not have any self imposed musical shackles. We wanted to be able

to write and create how we felt at the moment and enjoy what we do, so

every album will always have a new twist and surprise.


Steal the Spotlight: What was the hardest to do, write the songs, pick the

final cut, or mixing each song?


NORMAN MATTHEW - ALL OF THE ABOVE! ha-ha, I was soo proud of every song we demoed and wrote for the first record and still am, but some just weren’t ready yet or needed to be on the second record to kind a completethe sentence ya know? we wanted to make sure we had a versatile out the gate so we could continue to do that with the rest of the records. Writing is one of my favorite parts of being in a band, watching it all come together. Since we got together, the music just flowed and there was a mutual respect for one another that really helped the creative spark and process.


Steal the Spotlight: With all the programming, what can fans expect at a live show? Will there be an extra “live” band member?


NORMAN MATTHEW - We will probably have like 30 live members. Seriously though, I'm sure we will inch our way up to five or 6 members for the live show to fully pull of the way the songs are intended to be played and we want to make sure to we do it as a full live band.


Steal the Spotlight: What are the bands biggest influences musically?


NORMAN MATTHEW - For me I'm a HUGE DEPECHE MODE,NIN,ORGY,MANSON Fan, so I started there because I've always wanted to have a band in that vein. Power, programming and the dark undertones that are always seem to seep into my writing ;)


Steal the Spotlight: What other things to you draw from (i.e. past experiences, world events, ect.)?


NORMAN MATTHEW - Life! Dude, every day I’m learning

something new, seeing something new, growing and really trying to edify

my life and anyone else’s in any way I can. The world is a krazy place man, its all mixed up. I'm just trying to make my own little sense of it

I guess.


Steal the Spotlight: What went into making your video “The Devil I Am?”


NORMAN MATTHEW - A whole lot of water, black paint and blown up stuff. The idea behind it was an Apocalypse sort of thing, the end of the world. The song is about the devil in us that we all have, fighting internally with that Devil and in the video, the guy in the gas mask is the Devil in you walking around trying to destroy everything around you. Pretty much my every day life, ha-ha.


Steal the Spotlight: Would you like to give a “Shout” out to anyone?


NORMAN MATTHEW - Everyone that has supported us early on.18v Fans, Lylah fans and new fans that helped kick start this thing for us. It’s truly an honor and I’m very appreciative.


Steal the Spotlight: Okay, I always ask this, but…..if there is any band/artist in the history of music you could share the stage with, who would it be and why?


NORMAN MATTHEW - Good One! That’s hard for me man, since childhood I LOVED KISS! Always wanted to open for them, MOTLEY CRUE or GUNS N ROSES, they totally changed my life, but then if you look at it from a touring perspective, id love to see NEVER 3NOUGH on tour with NINE INCH NAILS or by some devine miracle DEPECHE MODE..


Steal the Spotlight: I want to thank you for your time and I hope to get out to one of your shows.


NORMAN MATTHEW - THANK YOU MAN for giving us some love.


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