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Interview with Nathan of Shaman's Harvest

Steal the Spotlight: What is your part in Shaman’s Harvest?


Shaman’s Harvest: My name is Nathan Hunt and I’m the vocalist


STS: What is the craziest thing that happened to you this past month?


Nathan: Well I woke up on the wrong bus in the wrong city with another band we have been out with. Lucky for me they drove me a couple hundred miles to get me where I needed to be. Thanks Black Sunshine.


STS: Let’s get to know you some. Where are you from?


Nathan: I was born in St. Louis but I was lucky enough to live all over the country. The old man tryin to figure out what he wanted to do. Got to meet a lot of different characters through the years


STS: What’s your favorite food?


Nathan: That’s a tough one. One of my jobs was an executive chef so I’m a big fan of all of it. Let’s go with simple southern cooking. Fried chicken, potatoes, crawdads, etc. Slap yo mamma that’s the good stuff.


STS: What bands melted you face off during your youth?


Nathan: Alman  Brothers. Their jams could go on and on but not revisit the same piece. Big influence for me. And then I was introduced to a lil band known as Metallica and injustice for all.

STS: What’s in your CD player or iPod right now?


Nathan: Clutch, blast tyrant and the steeldrivers.


STS: With the new album out for a few months now, what are the plans for the rest of the year?


Nathan: Finish this tour out till October, get our asses in the studio, and crowbar ourselves onto another tour.


STS: What would you say the mindset was for the album?


Nathan: Well we we’re all goin into it knowing it would be our last album. So we figured we needed to make the best songs possible without the filler. We were happy with how it all came out.


STS: I know it was to be a two track EP. Why was it extended?


Nathan: We just started spittin up songs that we thought were good enough to be tracked and we have that musician disease of not knowing when to say when so we wound up with a disc too short for a full length and too long for an EP. Go figure


STS: How did the album cover come about?


Nathan: A friend of ours we used to hang out with (Jennifer Seymore)  was an artist and she offered to draw something up for us and we weren’t really happy with our previous artwork so we said go for it. We thought it summed up the feel of the writing process for this album so for us it worked better than it probably does for our fans.


STS: The album is fairly short, how do you think it over comes that fact?


Nathan: Like I said we tried to fill the album with all songs we thought lived up to the process and not just songs we had in the can. We weren’t sure if it was a popular decision or not but it was the right one for us being our last hoorah and all. So much for that idea.


STS: How is it touring with CAVO and Atom Smash?


Nathan: They are all great guys. We’ve played with CAVO several times in the past ten years so a relationship had already developed there, and it’s now become a full blown brolationship, complete with tour pranks and late night jam sessions. Casey and I are getting married in the fall. What?

STS: Is there any reason besides maybe timing that the track you did for the WWE not get on the album?


Nathan: Nah it’s just that we were done with the album and Broken Dreams hadn’t been brought to light yet. Too bad though.


STS: Okay, this is the last one and I always finish it up with this one. If you can share the stage with anyone ever….who would it be and why?


Nathan: It would be a massive jam session consisting of Greg Allman on keys and whatever the hell he wants to do, Brann Tailor on drums, Derek Trucks on guitar, And whoever the bass player is from Robert Randalf’s band. Why?… Cuz we’d kick some ass. Well we know they would.

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