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Interview with Moose from Bullet For My Valentine

Steal the Spotlight: What is your part in BFMV?


Bullet For My Valentine: Moose, Drums


STS: What is the craziest thing that happened to you this year?


Moose:  Nothing like major crazy has happened.  Just growing as a band really and becoming an arena band in the UK.


STS: Let’s get to know you some. Where are you from? I mean I know you as a band call Wales home, but you personally, where were you born?


Moose:  I was born in a tiny village where Paget and Jay live also.


STS: Do you know how many people live there?


Moose:  No more than a couple thousand.


STS: What’s your favorite food?


Moose:  Ah, anything British to be honest with you. When I come over here I have quite a hard time eating, no offense it’s all fried, I lose my appetite, but I did have a good sandwich today though from some sandwich company I think Jimmy Johns or something like that.


STS: What bands did you grow up listening to, getting your face melted off by?

Moose:  Metallica, Judas Priest, Pantara, Iron Maiden


STS: How did you guys get your start?


Moose:  met each other from school, we started hanging with each other and we had the same taste in music. It was a time where bands were sprouting up and we decided to start one up.


STS: I read were you guys started as a cover band doing Nirvana and Metallica tracks. Is that true?


Moose: yeah, it was just something to do really and it took off from there.


STS: Do you find yourself looking back on those first few years and thinking about how far you have come?


Moose: um, yeah especial this year. We’ve gotten bigger this year and I think about where we come from and what we use to do as kids.


STS: Do you still have a huge following back home? When you get back it kind of a bit to-do?


Moose: Yeah, but we just like to shut the doors, lock our selves up and just chill.


STS: Where do you see yourself as a band in 10 years?


Moose: Hopefully big enough to big an arena band across the world really.


STS: What is different from album to album? Do you go in with a mindset that we are going to change this, tweak that or do you just go in and let it flow and what ever comes about comes about or?


Moose: we just go in and what to write good songs.


STS: I have a buddy that is total in love with “Fever” and really dug “Poison,” but didn’t care much of “Scream Aim Fire.” What would you say to him?


Moose:  well really, we felt the same way. We really didn’t get a chance to sit down and write. We did most of it on tour. The time table didn’t allow us to do out normal process.


STS: After the debut album “Poison” and the follow-up album “Scream Aim Fire” what was your mindset heading into the studio for “Fever?” Just getting back to basics?


Moose:  um yeah, we just wanted to produce songs that we were happy with. Nothing really was cased into stone. Just let it come to us really.


STS: With the new album out for months now and this year is almost over, what are the plans for the next year?


Moose:  the only real thing we have right now is an Australian tour. I’m sure more with come up here soon. Maybe some writing.



STS: How did the album cover come about?


Moose:  We work with this guy called. P.R. Brown and he has done a lot of stuff. There were a couple of them that we liked. We had a couple lobster claw ones that we all hated except for Matt.


STS: How is touring in the United States different from the rest of the world?


Moose:  longer. Its good though. Its coming to the end of the tour and its kind of dragging, but its still good.


STS: Where is your favorite place to play?


Moose:  Australian really good, US is really good, but to be honest with you anywhere really.


STS: Okay, this is the last one and I always finish it up with this one. If you can share the stage with anyone ever….who would it be and why?


Moose: Metallica and we have….Done!!!!


STS: Well thanks Moose, thanks for your time and have a kickass show.


Moose: Yeah no problem man.

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