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Steal the Spotlight: What's been going on since the last time we talked in back in October of 2007?

Josey of Saliva: A lot man the recording process of Cinco Diablo and now the tour. We are really excited about this record.

STS: Let's get to the new album. What’s different from "Love Story" to "Cinco Diablo?"  

Josey: We went back to the heavier side of Saliva on this record; we threw in a surprise or two to change it up a little.

STS: Why the name change to "Cinco Diablo?"

Josey: 5 devils man need we say more "laugh."

STS: Its loosely be translated to Five Devil, did that come into play with naming the album?  

Josey: Absolutely the road is a crazy place sometimes the horns come out.

STS: I absolutely love the album cover, where did it come from?

Josey: It was Dave’s idea he had the ultrasound picture of his son and his arm was up in the air with his finger raised like he was throwing up devil horns as soon as we saw it we knew it was the album cover.

STS: The lead single "Family Reunion" was put on iTunes the pulled back off, why was that done? 

Josey: I’m not sure why that happened.

STS: You guys featured Brent Smith of Shinedown on "My Own Worst Enemy." How'd did come about? 

Josey: we have been friends for years once recorded it I knew Brent’s voice would be perfect in the song.

STS: Was that something that was the spur of the moment or something that has been talked about for a while now?

Josey: I’ve been wanting to work with Brent again we had a chance to work with him in the past for WWE.

STS: With the upcoming tour with Shinedown, can we expect that track to be on the set list? 

Josey: yes it’s been a song we've been playing for several months now the crowd has been very accepting and rowdy.

STS: What other tracks can we expect, besides the normal characters? 

Josey: we will be playing several songs off of Cinco Diablo and maybe even some surprises.

STS: Okay back to the album, the deluxe release has a 30 minute DVD in addition to the regular album. Was that something that was preplanned or something that was recorded and stuck in the vault then brought out? 

Josey: it was actually recorded a couple years ago during blood stained love story we wanted to give our fans something extra on Cinco Diablo.

STS:  Do you think that those type of things are done now because the state of the music industry and trying to sell album or just bonuses for die-hard fans?

Josey: I think a little bit of both times are tough out there right now anything extra we can give our fans we will?

STS:  Well I want to thank you once again for taking the time to talk to me, is there anything else that you want to mention to the fans or critics?

Josey: to our fans we love you and to our critics bring it!!!!

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