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Interview with Josey and Jon of Saliva

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Interview with Saliva’s Josey and Jon

October 29th, 2007


            During the interview we talked about a lot of things from other bands performances to rock star live styles and why they have those life styles. Many of the questions I had were left unanswered, but I don’t have a complaint because of all the other things we talked about. First and foremost, Saliva is a great group of guys that don’t hold anything back on stage or when you talk to them. This was a great experience and I want to give a shout out to Josey and Jon…..Thanks Guys!!!!


STS: Tell me a little about the music scene in your home town.


Josey: Well, we aren’t really home long enough to really comment on that. I mean we have bands there that are our friends. Its okay I guess. It reminds you of being your and struggling, like we did. We were in other bands and got together in 1997. We really have been blessed. We truly get along with each other and love each other and would do anything for each other. It’s really like a five-way marriage. I know bands that genuinely hate each other.


STS: I really don’t know how they stay together as long as they do.


Josey: We have been through deaths, births, divorces, drug rehab. That’s what “Blood stained love story” is about. Part of its blood stained and part of its love story.


STS: I was wondering were you came up the title of the album.


Josey: Well we took two years off and we had everything that was horrible and wonderful happen to us. I had a son, and the rest of the guys, had divorces and most of the bad stuff, so I had a lot to write about. I found a title in an article that I was reading, this lady said “was talking about Jesus’ crucifixion and given both sides of the argument, believer and non-believer.” She got down to the end of the interview and she said “the truth what a beautiful love story stained in blood.” I was like “what a beautiful love story stained in blood…blood stained love story” I was like “God that is Bad Ass!!!


STS: Yeah some of those things just click perfect, but other influences have you drawn on?


Josey: ACDC, Motley Crue, Hank Williams, Jr. and Sr., Johnny Cash, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, and Triple 6 Mafia from our home town. When we first came out, they tried to label us a Rap Rock and we were like “WHAT” because we were just doing what Elvis did. Elvis went to church on Sunday and see the black choir, he would sneak out to the blues club on Saturday night and see blues, and then he would go to the juke joints on Friday nights and hear rockabilly, which is just sped up country. So he took a little of this and a little of that and came up with Rock and Roll. So that’s all we did and that’s our sound.


STS: Is there any one band that you would love to share the stage with than any other?


Josey: Motley Crue or ACDC too….


STS: When you hear your songs in movies and on T.V., how does that make you feel?


Josey: Its never gets old to us. Some other bands say that they are use to it, but they aren’t. It never gets old. That was the dream that was the dream that I had and they had since we were little boys to grow up and be a rock star. I didn’t even know what to tell the teacher of what I wanted to be. I just took in the KISS album cover and held it up and said “That’s what I want to be, I don’t know what it is, but that’s what I want to be.” When you hear something on the radio or see your video on MTV or any of the video channels, it confirms that you did something and it’s real.  

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