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Interview with Jason of Drive A

Steal the Spotlight: What is your part in Drive A? 

Drive A: I play guitar and sing background vocals


STS: What bands did you grow up listening to?

Jason: Green Day, Billy Talent, Blink 182, Billy Joel (my first concert when i was 6)


STS: Which one(s) have you drawn from musically?

Jason: of the 4 I listed, we draw from Green Day and Billy Talent more than anything. But nowadays we listen to bands like Gallows, The Bronx, Refused, The Ghost of a Thousand as well as the bands I listed previously. Though we can't be tied down to just a short list of bands, we listen to everything.


STS: The debut album hit stores last year. How proud are you of the album? 

Jason: I still listen to it and enjoy it, it's nice to still be excited to play these songs live over a year after they were written


STS: What influences you to write?

Jason: Bands we listen to, life and the people in our lives.


STS: In support of the album you hit the road with Alkaline Trio then a fall tour with The Used and The Almost. Apart from begin great bands and musicians, what did you take from those tours for your own live sets and feature albums?

Jason: We learned a lot especially because those bands have been doing this for a while, Bert from The Used would always compliment us and then say something like "tonight was rad but tomorrow night try this.. or this.." it's amazing to have support from a band that we've grown up listening to.



STS: You are now on the road with The Used once again as well as Atreyu. Are there anything you have picked up from this second stint with The Used? What about the new tour mates Atreyu?

Jason: With every tour we definitely get better as a band. Watching both bands every night was amazing, It made us work harder everyday because we hope to have crowds as great as they have one day.



STS: Are there special rituals that you go though before you hit the stage? (like standing on your head for 3 minutes in a corner)

Jason: vocal warmups, listen to Refused on full blast, run around, jumping jacks, sacrifice a goat. nothing out of the ordinary


STS: What’s in your CD player or iPod right now?

Jason: "This Addiction" by Alkaline Trio, "New Hopes, New Demonstrations" by The Ghost of a Thousand, "Daisy" by Brand New


STS: Anything else you would like to say or discus?

Jason: Listening to our record is one thing we encourage but if you really want to experience Drive A, GO TO A SHOW. 


STS: Okay, this is the last one and I always finish it up with this one. If you can share the stage with anyone ever….who would it be and why? 

Jason: It's hard to decide on one band or artist but lets just say that I’m putting on a show that Drive A is opening: Green Day, Gallows, Billy Talent, Against Me, The Bronx, The Ghost of a Thousand, and Refused (if they got back together)

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