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Interview with Faith of The Shiver

Steal the Spotlight: Hi Faith, Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us here at Steal the Spotlight, for our readers, and your fans all over the world.


Faith of The Shiver: It’s a pleasure J


STS: What were you up to before you sat down for this?


Faith: I was in the high school, I started the band in the first year, and I was 15th. But it was just a hobby. I’m not an exhibitionist; I started to play jut because I wanted to compose! Case or Fate made me the singer of the band. Anyway my plan was to study physic and math at the university and then work in the research. Then I ended the school and I had to recognize that I would have been lost without music, and that all the other things came after. I started to study music and singing seriously, and I worked hard on the band.


STS: Let’s get to know you some. Where are you from?


Faith: I’m from Italy; my city is a little town near Rome. I have to say that for a musician this country is like cerebral death. It kills your ideas and tries very hard to switch off every creative mind. It’s for this that I try to be around in Europe as much as I can. Most of all I love to be in London and UK, and then Barcelona. It gives me a lot of new ideas and I really think that coming in touch with other musicians, other cultures, gives to an artist the chance to grow.


STS:  What bands did you grow up listening to?


Faith: I’ve never been into a restricted musical area, I use to listen to a lot of different stuff…I started from alternative rock as Incubus, Nickelback, and bands like this, then I spent some time checking out my first love: The Cure, and I found out a big attitude for the 80s dark/post punk/electro stuff as Joy Division, Bauhaus, Siouxie, and many others… In the meantime I was listening to a lot of black/trash metal as Slayer, Mayhem, and others… I loved Pantera! Then I went deep into electronic stuff, from industrial (NIN, Rammstein etc) to trance/techno music, and a lot of chill out also! In the last years I started to get addicted to Dave Gahan’s voice and I am discovering the post-rock world, as well as the hardcore and metalcore scene.

STS:  Do you have any quirky talents that you would like the world to know about?


Faith: Ahahah strange question! Uhmm… I’m really determined when I want to reach a clue! I’ve learned how to deal with people and how to manage a lot of stuff at the same time. I’m always ready to improve myself and I learn new things easily. And sometimes I’m a little crazy…as every musician… but that’s not a talent! The reality is that I don’t think I have some special talent… even the singing… I don’t have a particular voice, it’s a normal one, but I had to educate it to sing my songs. I just have melodies in my mind and I need to express them.

STS:  Ok, the new album is out….. How proud are you of the album?

Faith: Honestly… a lot! It’s the result of 2 years of hard, hard work and I put my heart in it! I believe in those songs, and I didn’t know if people would have enjoyed the album… Then I had a lot of positive feedbacks from live shows and from the studio album, so I’m really proud of it. But of course I know I have to do better then that for the next time!


STS:  How did the tracks from “The New Horizon” form?


Faith: I already had some new tracks recorded on my own, I proposed it to my manager and he said “Good work, let’s write more tracks with this style!” and in 2 months I composed the entire Album. It was like every song was coming out all together, voice and guitars, chorus and verses! My project was bigger… but I didn’t had the experience to develop it whole, the help of a great producer as Ale Paolucci has been HUGE! I’ve learned a lot from the studio experience! I recorded the demo version of the tracks with the help of Finch at the drums, I played the other instruments, then once in the studio Ale arranged and recorded the bass and another amazing secessionist (Stefano Tocci from the post-hardcore band ICO) did the same with guitars.


STS:  Why was that title given to the album over some other titles or songs?


Faith: Truly, it came in the beginningJ!  We recorded “Inside”, our debut album, and we were teenagers, then we started to think seriously about music, and one day I and Finch understood that we really wanted to work with the music, to invest all our energy on it, and all the choices came after this. “A New Horizon” means this, our mind changed; we started to see our lives in a different prospective. 

STS:  Which track holds the most meaning for you off this album?


Faith: My favorite track is “The Fragile Sound”, as it’s a Manifesto of what I was thinking while I wrote the Album. I was feeling a little bad, I wanted to show everyone the potential of our music but it was like I didn’t had the chance as people is really close minded sometimes, and we were working so fu**ing hard!! I think that you can feel that angry while listening to the whole album, yesterday I was listening to the old mix version and I really had that impression! Now I’m more relaxed, I just want to write an amazing new Album! Second place, “Feel Tomorrow’s Light”, I love the chorus and the keyboard melodic line!



STS:  Are there plans for a long tour or some festivals over the summer?


Faith: At the moment Finch and I are around Europe for a very long tour with another band where we are secessionists. After this we’ll spend the summer performing acoustic concerts in the clubs of Italy and Spain, mainly seaside places. We’ll have some festival abroad this summer, still TBC, and then I’ll start to work on new European gigs, and I want to have a busy fall, like last year! We are trying to find a way to schedule a tour in the US but that’s not a simple thing… I wish we’ll be able to make it next year! In the meantime I am already working on new tracks for the next Album J

STS:  What’s in your CD player or iPod right now?


Faith: Right now I’m touring in Europe and I need some music to relax and enjoy the few free moments… I’ve got the Depeche Mode discography, Cold (Year of the Spider), something from Deftones, Tool, Ozzy Osbourne, Mudvayne and NIN, plus some new stuff from local bands that I met (I love to hear new music!).


STS:  Anything else you would like to say or discuss?


Faith: Actually, I would like to say a special thanks to all the true musicians that I worked with during the last 2 years. I’m learning a lot of things from these great persons near to me! From our manager Carlo Bellotti (he’s a huge example for me to follow) to Finch, our drummer, our producer Ale Paolucci, the secessionists I’ve met in the last months, because I know that they trust in their music and potential and it’s a rare thing to find! Music is passion, but when you really start to think about working with it I can say that it’s not easy at all, and the passion is not enough. You need to really get plans in your mind and leave out all the other things. Actually, it’s not a matter of “I have a band, I want to be famous etc”, I don’t care about that. There are a lot of ways to be a musician, for example being secessionists, being a teacher, open your own studio, working in the music industry… I just hope to be able to keep writing my stuff for the listeners, and tour around the world! I don’t need money; I don’t need to be rich or famous! I just want to write my stuff and play it to people to give those emotions!



STS:  Okay, this is the last one and I always finish it up with this one. If you can share the stage with anyone ever….who would it be and why?


Faith: Wow, this is a really hard question… Uhmmm… Right now my biggest clue would be opening a concert for Depeche Mode! They had 2 big concerts in Italy during the last year and I tried seriously to contact the Italian agency that scheduled the show but you know here is really difficult to get chances! Anyway, that would be my first choice…Second choice, I would really love to come touring in the US and be the opening act for Godhead, I knew their music because they were with Reality Entertainment in the past and now they are huge! Their music is really great!

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